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Tuesday Product Reviews

💀 Mad Dog Brew Co’s Ancho Chocolate Cheesecake Beer (0.5/12)

Prices Spices’ Trinidad Perfume & Mango “Junior Sensation” Sauce (0.5/12)

Hot Pods’ “Silli Chilly” Plum, Habanada & Trinidad Perfume Jam (0.5/12)

Nerd Sauce Co.’s Green Senor Padron Sauce (0.5/12)

The Great British Cheese Company’s Smoky Peppadew Cheddar (0.5/12)

Mr. Vikki’s Keswick Market Curry Sauce (0.5/12)

Hollywood Cocktails’ Dark and Stormy Ginger Jam (0.5/12)

Spanish Padron Chillies (0.5+/12)

Burns & McCoy’s Avocado Fire Roasted Poblano Dressing (1/12)

Nerd Sauce Co.’s Dried Kashmiri Chilli Sauce (1/12)

Tabasco’s Chipotle Cola Sauce (1/12)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Cayenne & Cranberry Sweet Chilli Sauce (1/12)

Nix and Kix’s Sparkling Peach, Vanilla & Cayenne Drink (1/12)

Nix and Kix’s Sparkling Cucumber, Mint & Cayenne Drink (1/12)

Hot Headz’ Pineapple Smoky BBQ Sauce (1/12)

Haskhell’s Spiced Peppadew Piquante Sauce (1/12)

Tubby Tom’s Chinese-Style Dragon Salt (1/12)

Daddy Cool’s “Broon” Brown Sauce (1/12)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Mild Sweet Chilli Sauce (1/12)

Ki’ Gourmet’s Cielo Rojo Blackberry & Chipotle Morita Sauce (1/12)

Village on the Hill’s Kashmiri Mirchi Mango Chutney (1/12)

Laterra’s “Del Tropico” Mexican Ataulfo Mango sauce (1/12)

💀 ChimouliS’ Chilli Salted Caramel Spread (1/12)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Thai-Style “Rookie Goblin” Jalapeño Sauce (1/12)

Carrington’s Original, Mediterranean-Style Chillichup (1/12)

Alkemio Kitchen’s Watermelon, Cucumber, Lemongrass, Sugar sweet chilli (1/12)

East Coast Chilli Co’s Extra Mild Mango “Passion” Sauce (1/12)

Tubby Tom’s Japanese-Style Tubbyaki (1/12)

Alkemio Kitchen’s Strawberry, Roasted Pepper + Tamarind Sriracha (1/12)

Brighton Hot Stuff’s CBD-Infused “C🔥nn🔥bis” green chilli sauce (1/12)

Chilli of the Valley’s “Soseu” Korean Barbecue (1/12)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Green Jalapeño “Dew” (1/12)

💀 Daddy Cool’s Kiwi, Coconut & Jalapeño “Hybrid” Sauce (1+/12)

Henry’s Hot Sauce’s Ginger & Fire Roasted Pepper Seductress (1+/12)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Chipotle Salt (1.5/12)

Hot Face Sauces’ Ginger & Garlic Sauce (1.5/12)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Peri Peri Garlic Sauce (1.5/12)

Alkemio kitchen’s Mango, Turmeric, Cumin, Nigella sauce (1.5/12)

Holly and the Ivy’s Ginger & Wasabi Chutney (1.5/12)

💀 Hot Plot Chilli Co’s Cherry Chipotle T.N.T. (1.5/12)

Love Pickle’s Green Label Chilli Tomato Indian Pickle (1.5/12)

Chilli Scrumptious’ Java Hot Coffee Barbecue Sauce (1.5/12)

Man Food’s Japanese Horseradish Mayonnaise (1.5/12)

💀 Knights’ Ginger Beer (1.5/12)

Burning Desire Foods’ Bourbon Chipotle Syrup (1.5/12)

The Screaming Chimp’s Vic’s Ol’ Smokey Sauce (1.5/12)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Hot and Smokey Vegan Sweet Potato Jerky (1.5/12)

Laterra’s “Michoacan” Savoury Mexican Tomatillo Sauce (1.5/12)

🇺🇸 Zukali’s Chipotle Kafѐ (Coffee) Salsa (1.5/12)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Vegan Jalapeño Vegetable Jerky (1.5/12)

The Jam Horse’s Chilli Extra Jam (1.5/12)

Chilli of the Valley’s Garlic & Jalapeño “Jarlic” (1.5/12)

Prices Spices’ “Lucknow” Ají Limon Mango Chutney (1.5/12)

Saucey Lady’s Yellow Pepper & Lemondrop “St. Clements” Sauce (1.5/12)

Sood’s Fine Food’s “Amazon” Brand Chipotle Sauce (1.5/12)

James Chocolates’ Smokey Chipotle Chocolate “Chillies” (1.5/12)

Prices Spices’ Reclus Red Biquinho Chilli Jam (1.5/12)

Tom’s Curious Sauces’ Chipotle Adobo sauce (1.5/12)

Chilli Bob’s Burmese Mango & Spiced Apple Sauce (1.5/12)

Balefire’s “Get Schwifty” Spicy Szechuan Soy Bean Sauce (1.5/12)

Alkemio Kitchen’s Pineapple, Shiso, Calamansi, Sugar Tropical Finger Chilli Sauce (1.5/12)

Chilli of the Valley’s Jalapeño & Garlic Hulk Juice (1.5/12)

The Spice Sultan’s Sri Lankan Coconut & Lime Curry with Yellow Rice (1.5/12)

Orriss & Son’s Jalapeño & Nettle “Fresh Tendrils” Sauce (1.5/12)

The Somerset Chilli Co.’s Coconut, Lime & Padron “Narco” (1.5/12)

Daddy Cool’s Okra & Garlic Pickle (1.5/12)

Fat Man Chilli Co’s Sweet Child o’ Mayan Rub (1.5+/12)

Cowley’s Fine Foods Vegan Jalapeño Mushroom Jerky (1.5+/12)

A Bit of a Pickle’s Lemondrop Lemon Curd (1.5+/12)

Hot Headz’ Hardcore Jalapeño Purée (1.5+/12)

Hot Pods’ Child-Oriented Mild Beast (2/12)

Gingerbeard & Bristol Vodka’s Bloody Mary Salsa (2/12)

Haynes Gourmet’s Candied Jalapeno Strawberry Jam (2/12)

Brighton Hot Stuff’s Roasted Szechuan Peppercorn Peanuts (2/12)

Alice Cooper’s Green Serrano Welcome to my Nightmare (2/12)

Karimix’s Teriyaki Wasabi Sauce (2/12)

Pip’s Hot Sauce’s Fuego de Verde Green Sweet Chilli (2/12)

Spice Island Chilli’s Jalapeño & Lime “Hardy’s Kiss” Sauce (2/12)

Byron Bay’s Smokin’ Mango Chilli Sauce with Chipotles (2/12)

💀 Rubies in the Rubble’s Saved Blueberry BBQ Sauce (2/12)

Brighton Hot Stuff’s Green Jalapeño & Padron Sauce (2/12)

Posh Pickles & Preserves’ Fiery Chilli “Extra” Jam with Peppajew (2/12)

Ignis’ Thai Jalapeño Green Apple 7 (2/12)

Gingerbeard’s & Nutcessity’s Gingerbread Almond Satay (2/12)

Salsa Tamaƶula’s Muy Picanté “Black Label” Valentina Hot Sauce (2/12)

Haskhell’s Chocolate Orange Chipotle Sauce (2/12)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Medium Heat Wings Marinade (2/12)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Red Jalapeño Sauce (2/12)

💀 The Chilli Alchemist’s “Aurum” Mango, Amarillo & Spiced Rum Sauce (2/12)

Efrutti’s Ginger Gummy Bear (2/12)

Efrutti’s Cinnamon Gummy Bear (2/12)

The Great British Cheese Company’s Lime & Chilli Cheddar (2/12)

Torchbearer’s Creamy Honey Garlic Sauce (2/12)

The Bonnie Sauce Co.’s Smoky Chipotle Sauce (2/12)

Alkemio Kitchen’s Black Garlic, Chipotle, Tamarind, Chocolate Sauce (2/12)

💀 Old Jamaica’s Extra Fiery Ginger Beer (2/12)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Peri Peri Hot Rub & Marinade (2/12)

Sierra Nevada’s Chipotle-Piña Sauce (2/12)

The Chilli Jam Man’s Gorgeous Garlic Jam (2/12)

Gingerbeard & Electric Bear’s Pale Ale & Bird’s Eye Piccalilli (2/12)

The Great British Cheese Company’s Chocolate, Chilli & Lime Wensleydale (2/12)

Fair Dinkum Fair’s Crumbs Sauce, made with Rye Coffee Porter (2/12)

Chilli of the Valley & Tenby Brewing Co.’s “Dark Siren” Cherry Barbecue Sauce (2/12)

The Wicked Chilli’s Jalapeño & Naga “Thirsty Dog” Barbecue Sauce (2/12)

Prices Spices’ El Salivate Ador Pineapple & Lemondrop Sauce (2/12)

Somerset Chilli Garden’s Jalapeño & Wild Garlic Wild Fire (2/12)

Pip’s Hot Sauce’s Bloody Mary Tomato Sauce (2/12)

💀 The Chilli Alchemist’s Melliculus Tropicus Scotch Bonnet Popping Candy (2/12)

Laterra’s “Chihuahua” Mexican Chipotle, Tomato and Peanut Sauce (2/12)

Foraged Fire’s Pasilla & Five Spice Dulce de Leche (2+/12)

The Screaming Chimp’s Pineapple Sauce (2+/12)

💀 ChimouliS’ Sweet Pear & Lemongrass Sauce (2.5/12)

Wiga Wagaa’s Coriander, Lime and Scotch Bonnet Green Chilli Sauce (2.5/12)

The Chilli Pepper Company’s Fruity, Caribbean-Style Dragons Breath (2.5/12)

Chilli Bob’s Spiced Sweet Sticky Apple Sauce (2.5/12)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s “Firemite” Naga Marmite Sauce (2.5/12)

Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm’s Chipotlè Gold Bourbon Barbecue Sauce (2.5/12)

Harry Brand’s Harissa Mayonnaise (2.5/12)

Ginger Beard’s Preserves & The Moor Beer Company’s Chipotle Ketchup (2.5/12)

The Heat Lab’s Sweet Chilli Sauce (2.5/12)

The Cornish Chilli Company’s “Barracuda” Rum & Coconut Sauce (2.5/12)

Chilli Scrumptious’ Beetroot & Garlic “First Date” Sauce (2.5/12)

The Smokey Carter’s Scotch Bonnet Chilli Jam (2.5/12)

Briscoe’s Jellyment #2 – Tempting Thai Jelly (2.5/12)

Foraged Fire’s Wild Garlic & Basil Flower “Salsa Verde” (2.5/12)

Fat Man Chilli Co’s Mint & Green Chilli Sauce (2.5/12)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Vegan Ginger & Garlic Tofu Jerky (2.5/12)

Rad Dude Food’s Fermented Chilli Hot Sauce (2.5/12)

💀 ChimouliS’ Mango Sauce (2.5/12)

Simpson’s Seeds’ Funky Monkey Rocoto Sauce (2.5/12)

The Screaming Chimp’s Mango & Papaya Sauce (2.5/12)

Posh Pickles & Preserves’ “Sẚ Và Tu’o’ng ó’t” Lemongrass Relish (2.5/12)

Mr Vikki’s Sweet Banana Habanero Pickle (2.5/12)

Alkemio Kitchen’s Jalapeno, Lime, Mustard, Turmeric Hot Dog Sauce (2.5/12)

Bitter B🔥stards’ Chipotle Cocktail Bitters (2.5/12)

South Devon Chilli Farm’s Elderflower Chilli Jelly/Jam (2.5/12)

Daddy Cool’s Jalapeño End of the Lime (2.5/12)

Purely Pickled Eggs’ Bird’s Eye Eggs (2.5/12)

The Jam Horse’s “Horse Kickin’ Hot” Scotch Bonnet Extra Jam (2.5/12)

Chilli Bobs’ Pink Peppercorn & Chilli Pickled Onions (2.5/12)

Montezuma’s Satay Milk Chocolate & Peanut Butter Centre with Chill & Lime (2.5/12)

Burning Desire Foods’ Coffee and Chilli Rub (2.5/12)

The Bonnie Sauce Co.’s Jalapeño and Lime Sauce (2.5/12)

Tubby Tom’s Special Tubbyaki X Yuzu (2.5/12)

Dawson’s Hot Sauce’s Creamy Shawarma Sauce (2.5/12)

The Cornish Chilli Company’s “Red Snapper” Vodka & Grapefruit Sauce (2.5/12)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Sharp & Herby Zhoug (2.5/12)

The Crafty Bustard’s Pineapple, Scotch Bonnet & Sesame Oil Sauce (2.5/12)

Salsa Tamaƶula’s Muy Picanté “Black Label” Tamaƶula Hot Sauce (2.5/12)

Burning Desire Foods’ Roasted Red Serenade Pepper Harissa (2.5/12)

Haynes Gourmet’s Candied Jalapeno Green Rings (2.5/12)

Island Girl’s Aged Chipotle Morita Ooft! Sauce (2.5/12)

Mack Chilli’s Honeydew Melon Jalapearno (2.5/12)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Tikka Hot Rub & Marinade (2.5/12)

Farraday’s Tasty’s Surinamese-Style Piccalilli (2.5/12)

Daddy Cool’s “All Up in my Grill” Honey Mustard Barbecue Sauce (2.5/12)

Dipitt’s Aged Pepper Tobasco Sauce (2.5/12)

McIlhenny Co.’s Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce (2.5/12)

Flying Goose Brand’s Green Jalapeño Sriracha Sauce (2.5/12)

Dingo Sauce Co.’s Smoked Jalapeño & Caysan Sriracha (2.5/12)

Fifty Shades Hotter (2.5/12)

The Spice Sultan’s Thai Yellow Curry with Nam Prik (2.5+/12)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Popping Candy & Mint “Dark Matter” Chocolate (?/12)

Efrutti’s Chilli Gummy Bear (3/12)

Alkemio Kitchen’s Blueberry, Miso, Scotch Bonnet, Mint (3/12)

Common Sanity’s Salsa Macha-Inspired Feugo Greeze Oil (3/12)

Great Scott Hot Sauce’s Apple, Gooseberry & Serrano (3/12)

Spice Island Chilli’s “Bligh’s Revenge” Chipotle Ketchup (3/12)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Milk Chipotle & Orange Chocolate (3/12)

Diemen’s Original Hot Sauce with Tasmanian Mountain Pepper (3/12)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Tangy Scotch Bonnet “Sweeney Todd” Sauce (3/12)

The Screaming Chimp’s Valentine’s Day Special “Let Me Be Your Phantasy” Fruit Sauce (3/12)

Haynes Gourmet’s Candied Jalapeno Red Rings (3/12)

💀 Fire Foods’ Tandoori-Spiced Peanut Butter (3/12)

Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm’s Chilli Bakewell Jam (3/12)

Byron Bay’s Coconut Curry Cayenne Sauce (3/12)

Marie Sharp’s Original Red Habanero Sauce with Extra Garlic (3/12)

Hop’t’s Hop-Infused Chipotle Chocolate Stout Sauce (3/12)

Harry Brand’s Garlic Harissa (3/12)

Boom Sauce’s Salted Ginger “Fix Up D’Heat” Chocolate (3/12)

Marie Sharp’s Green Habanero Sauce with Cactus (3/12)

The Chillees’ Twisting My Lemon Man 7-Pot Marmalade (3/12)

Purely Pickled Eggs’ Scotch Bonnet Eggs (3/12)

Magma Sauces’ Sour Mango & Green Jalapeño (3/12)

Heriot Hott’s Cherry, Bourbon & Vanilla Barbecue (3/12)

Crazy B🔥stard Sauce’s Scotch Bonnet & Caribbean Spices (3/12)

💀 The Chilli Alchemist’s Jalapeño, Matcha & Ginger “Philosopher’s Dew” (3/12)

Angry Goat Pepper Co.’s Smoky Avocado & Kiwi “Hippy Dippy Green” Verde (3/12)

Opal Sunshine’s Mayan Mango Sauce with Habanero & Scotch Bonnet (3/12)

Hot Headz’ Smooth & Smoky Apple Chipotle Bourbon Barbecue sauce (3/12)

Hot Pods’ “Hecates Cauldron” Chocolate, Cherry & Cardamon Sauce (3/12)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Hellraiser Milk Chocolate (3/12)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Peri Peri Herb Sauce (3/12)

Saucey Lady’s Fireman’s Watch Rhubarb Sauce (3/12)

💀 Sauce Shop’s Fifth Anniversary Chipotle Hot Sauce (3/12)

Upton Cheyney Chilli Co.’s Roast Garlic & Ginger Chilli Sauce (3/12)

Rock A Doodle Do’s Can I Play with Mangos (3/12)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Hot Fruity Mango Sauce (3/12)

Flying Goose Brand’s Vegan Sriracha Mayo (3/12)

Tubby Tom’s Jalapeño, Coriander & Lime “Pablo Diablo” (3/12)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Green Salsa (3/12)

Alice Cooper’s Red Habanero No More Mr. Nice Guy (3/12)

The Chillees’ Orange Habanero & Carrot Orangatongue Tingler Sauce (3/12)

Foraged Fire’s Fermented Garlic & Honey Hoi Sin (3/12)

Saucey Lady’s Fiesta Fever Gooseberry Sauce (3/12)

South Devon Chilli Farm’s Puruvian Ají Red Chilli Sauce (3/12)

The Bonnie Sauce Co.’s Garlic Habanero and Mango Sauce (3/12)

Jamie Oliver’s Extract-Enhanced Ancho & Cumin Chilli Sauce (3/12)

💀Dalston Chillies’ Turmeric-Based Bajan Hot Sauce (3/12)

East Coast Chilli Co’s “Chance” Creamy Habanero & Garlic Sauce (3/12)

Saucey Lady’s Sweet & Sour Birds and Bonnets Sauce (3/12)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Sweet Chilli-Style “Alchemy” Lemondrop and Cognac Sauce (3/12)

The Mini Jar Company’s Lemon Sea Salt with Aji Limon Chilli (3/12)

Manjira’s Hot Garlic & Coriander Pachadi (3/12)

Saucy B🔥🔥ch’s Smoky, Scotch Bonnet “Sweet Heat” (3/12)

The Cornish Chilli Company’s Chipotle Sauce (3/12)

Upton Cheyeney Chilli Co’s Mango, Lime, Red Habanero Sauce (3/12)

The Chillees’ “Indian Fire” Curried Mango Sauce (3/12)

Marie Sharp’s Pure Mango Habanero Sauce (3/12)

Sauce Shop’s All Natural Green Jalapeño Sriracha Sauce (3/12)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Chutney-Inspired Mango Chilli Sauce (3/12)

Char Man’s Caribbean Rocoto, Habanero and Mango Sauce (3/12)

💀 Fire Foods’ Curry-Spiced Fire Garlic (3/12)

Daddy Cool’s Fatalii Attraction (3/12)

The Screaming Chimp’s Coffee Chilli Milk Chocolate (3/12)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Blood Orange, Cranberry Bourbon & Habanero Marmalade (3/12)

The Chilli Alchemist’s “Scorch” Chilli Chocolate Spread (3/12)

The Chilli Alchemist’s “Blaze” Chilli Salted Caramel Spread (3/12)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Thai Vengeance Oil (3/12)

Boom Sauce’s Scotch Bonnet & Allspice Hot Chup (3/12)

Balefire’s “Tortuga” Caribbean-Style Curry Sauce (3/12)

💀 The Chilli Alchemist’s Melliculus Aji Popping Candy (3/12)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Hot BBQ Sauce (3/12)

Queen Majesty’s Scotch Bonnet & Ginger Sauce (3/12)

Love Pickle’s Blue Label Chilli Tomato Indian Pickle (3.5/12)

Balefire’s “Critical Masala” Tandoori-Style Curry Sauce (3.5/12)

Chilli Hills’ Bulgarian Carrot & Habanero Sauce (3.5/12)

Gods of Sauces’ Sesame-Infused Korean Hot Sauce (3.5/12)

Gods of Sauces’ Passion Fruit Korean Hot Sauce (3.5/12)

Saucey Lady’s Pear-Based Moonlight Serenade (3.5/12)

Prices Spices’ Gin Fizz Milk Chocolate (3.5/12)

Saucy B🔥🔥ch’s Tropical Fruit, Citrus & Fatalii Mellow Yellow (3.5/12)

Mack Chilli’s “Ginger Ninja” Irn Bru Syrup (3.5/12)

Somerset Chilli Garden’s Valentine’s Day Chocolate Truffles (2-3.5/12)

Holly and the Ivy’s Naga Peanut Butter (3.5/12)

Holly and the Ivy’s Pineapple, Chilli and Mint Salsa (3.5/12)

Hop Burns & Black’s Limited Edition “Hoptimo” Herby Hop Sauce (3.5/12)

The Chilli Jam Man’s Scotch Bonnet Jam (3.5/12)

Hot Pods’ Fermented Garlic, Honey & Yellow Pepper “Swarm” (3.5/12)

Professor Pods’ Bahamian Goat Pepper Sauce (3.5/12)

The Pembrokeshire Cider Co. & Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm’s Fire Cider Sauce (3.5/12)

The Bonnie Sauce Co.’s Fiery Scotch Bonnet Sauce (3.5/12)

Haskhell’s Pineapple Curry Sauce (3.5/12)

Ibiza Sauce Co’s “Magnificent 7” Loquat Hot Sauce (3.5/12)

Daddy Cool’s Black Garlic Sriracha (3.5/12)

Pepper Kitchen’s Trinidadian-Style “Very Hot” Sauce (3.5/12)

🇩🇪 Scovilla’s “Bio Habanero” Tabasco-Style Sauce (3.5/12)

The Screaming Chimp’s Mango and Bonnet White Chocolate (3.5/12)

Brighton Hot Stuff’s Fruity Red Habanero Hop Sauce (3.5/12)

The General’s Marine Green Hot Sauce from Smoke Hall Foods (3.5/12)

Khoo’s Lemondrop & Fatalii Golden Syrup (3.5/12)

Jock’s Hot Sauce’s Smoked Habanero & Garlic Sauce (3.5/12)

Brighton Hot Stuff’s Red Habanero Kimchi Sauce (3.5/12)

Devon Chilli Man’s Sweet Chilli-Style Jalapeño Creaper Sauce (3.5/12)

Hop’t’s Mango Jalapeño Citra-Nelson IPA sauce (3.5/12)

Spice Island Chilli’s Pineapple & Habanero “Drake’s Gold” Sauce (3.5/12)

Dorset Chilli Shop’s Dorset Meadows Kiwi & Thai Bird’s Eye Sauce (3.5/12)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Wraith Barbecue Sauce (3.5/12)

Simpson’s Seeds’ Sweet Arrowhead Salsa (3.5/12)

Chilli Bob’s Chinese Pink Tiger BBQ Sauce (3.5/12)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Dark Habanero Lime Chocolate (3.5/12)

The Garlic Farm’s Jalapeño Vampire Botherer (3.5/12)

Chilli of the Valley’s Creamy Piña Colada “Calypso” Sauce (3.5/12)

Crazy B🔥stard Sauce’s Habanero & Tomatillo (3.5/12)

Pika Pika’s “White Fatality” Fatalii & Coconut Sauce (3.5/12)

Boom Sauce’s Trinidadian-Style “Fix Up D’Heat” Sauce (3.5/12)

Daddy Cool’s Cranberry & Habanero White Chocolate (3.5/12)

Hot Digiddy Dog Sauce (3.5/12)

Thousand Hills’ Flamin’ Hot BBQ Sauce (3.5/12)

Thousand Hills’ Serenade Garlic Chilli Sauce, AKA their “Sriracha” (3.5/12)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Gummi Swears – Roulette Gummy Bears & Jelly Babies (3.5/12)

Hot Headz’ Satan’s Spawn Gummy Bears (3.5/12)

Glenroy’s Caribbean-Inspired Bunkum Bay Hot Sauce (3.5/12)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Lemon, Habanero, Gin & Tonic Marmalade (3.5/12)

Burning Desire Foods’ Burning Indulgence Mango & Habanero Sauce (3.5/12)

El Niño’s Ancho-Based Hot Sauce (3.5/12)

Eaten Alive’s It’s Alive Probiotic Chocolate BBQ Sauce (3.5/12)

Opal Sunshine’s Original Habanero & Scotch Bonnet Sauce (3.5/12)

Opal Sunshine’s Lime – Anero Sauce with Scotch Bonnet (3.5/12)

Haskhell’s Winter Spiced Bluberry Sauce (3.5/12)

Balefire’s Floral Sweet Chilli Where The Wild Roses Grow (3.5/12)

El Yucateco’s Smoky Mexican Black Label Reserve (3.5/12)

Daddy Cool’s Spicy Green Beans with Chilli Pickle (3.5/12)

Single Variety Co.’s Orange Habanero Chilli Jam (3.5/12)

The Ribman’s Holy F🔥🔥k Scotch Bonnet & Naga Sauce (3.5/12)

Hell’s Kitchen’s “Rockin’ Rasta” Scotch Bonnet Curry Sauce (3.5/12)

The Heat Lab’s Red Pepper Roast Garlic Sauce (3.5/12)

Prices Spices’ Scotch Bonnet & Mango “Haitian Sensation” Sauce (3.5/12)

Orriss & Son’s Habanero and Indian Herb “Even Flow” Sauce (3.5/12)

The Wicked Chilli’s “Roco Loco” Rocoto Sriracha (3.5/12)

The Heat Lab’s Pineapple Habanero Sauce (3.5/12)

Heriot Hott’s Yellow Habanero & Soy Sauce Sweet Chilli (3.5/12)

Howl at the Moon’s Tropical Sound System Sauce (3.5/12)

Doctor Burnorium’s Ginger Beer & Naga Psycho Chocolate (3.5?/12)

💀 The Chilli Alchemist’s Smoke Potion: Magnum Opus (4/12)

A Bit of A Pickle’s Habanero Chilli Jam (4/12)

Chilli No. 5’s Limited Edition Chipotle CBD Sauce (4/12)

Karyo’s Habanero & Scotch Bonnet Satan’s Gravy (4/12)

Encona’s Bird’s Eye & Carolina Reaper Sauce (4/12)

Dorset Chilli Shop’s “Punch” Pineapple & Craft Beer Sriracha (4/12)

The Chilli Alchemist’s “Gold” Pineapple & Craft Beer Sriracha (4/12)

Brighton Hot Stuff & Jaz Coleman’s Pomegranate & Fenel Hot Sauce (4/12)

Doctor Burnorium’s Yellow Scotch Bonnet Psycho Juice (4/12)

Common Sanity’s Bajan-Style Dalston Sunshine (4/12)

Hop’t’s Hop Infused Tropical Habanero Lager Sauce (4/12)

Spice Island Chilli’s Scotch Bonnet & Spiced Rum “Centurion 1774” Sauce (4/12)

Ignis’ HPPM Habanero Sauce (4/12)

Brighton Hot Stuff’s Lychee & Yellow Habanero Sauce (4/12)

El Jefe’s Dutch Volcán Sauce with Madame Jeanette Chilli (4/12)

The Somerset Chilli Co.’s Tropical La Playa (4/12)

Simpson’s Seeds’ Fruity Scorpion Salsa (4/12)

Island Girl’s Original Aged Scotch Bonnet & Daikon Ooft! Sauce (4/12)

Brighton Hot Stuff’s Buckfast Tonic Wine Sauce (4/12)

💀 Fire Foods’ “Firemite” Naga Marmite Sauce (4/12)

The Screaming Chimp’s Original Wing Sauce (4/12)

The Chilli Jam Man’s Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) Jam (4/12)

Bitter B🔥stards’ Naga Chilli Cocktail Bitters (4/12)

Daddy Cool’s Caramelised White Chocolate with Naga & Salted Fudge (4/12)

The Chilli Pepper Company’s “Witches’ Brew” Tabasco-Style Cinnamon & Scotch Bonnet Sauce (4/12)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Green Savina Sauce (4/12)

💀 ChimouliS’ Salty Scotch Bonnet Sauce (4/12)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Exotic Trinidad Scorpion Beef Jerky (4/12)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s White Peppercorn & Naga Chilli Salt (4/12)

Holly and the Ivy’s Christmas Special Sprout, Red Onion & Naga Chutney (4/12)

South Devon Chilli Farm’s Hotter Padrons (4/12)

South Devon Chilli Farm’s (Green) Extreme Chilli Jam (4/12)

Bravado Spice Co.’s Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Sauce (4/12)

Rock a Doodle Do’s Peach, Pale Ale & Ghost Pepper Pooka (4/12)

Daddy Cool’s “Ketch the Reaper” Killer Tomato Ketchup (4/12)

Queen Majesty’s Red Habanero & Black Coffee Sauce (4/12)

Alkemio Kitchen’s Plum, Cola, Cinnamon, Rose, Scotch Bonnet Sauce (4/12)

Single Variety Co.’s Chocolate Habanero Chilli Jam (4/12)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Extra Dark Naga Chilli Chocolate (4/12)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Dark Habanero Sauce (4/12)

🔥 The Ribman’s Christ on a Bike Scotch Bonnet & Naga Sauce (4/12)

💀 The Chilli Alchemist’s Original (Ghost Pepper) Melliculus Popping Candy (4.5/12)

The Screaming Chimp’s Stinger Sauce (4.5/12)

The Screaming Chimp’s Smoky Chimpotle (4.5/12)

Queen Majesty’s Black Cocoa Ghost (4.5/12)

Opal Sunshine’s Blackman Eddy’s Black Garlic Sauce (4.5/12)

Foraged Fire’s Thai Lime Leaf, Fatalii and Ají Limon “Yellow Sriracha” (4.5/12)

Tom’s Curious Sauces’ Blueberry & Ghost Pepper Purple Pain (4.5/12)

Bad Boy Chilli Co’s Aged Habanero “Shake” (4.5/12)

Prices Spices’ Raspberry Ghost White Chocolate (4.5/12)

Purely Pickled Eggs’ Ghost Pepper Eggs (4.5/12)

Prices Spices’ “India Joywala” Pineapple & Dorset Naga Chutney (4.5/12)

Edible Ornamentals’ Nagalicious Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Marmalade (4.5/12)

Haskhell’s Cream Ghost Pepper Horseradish Sauce (4.5/12)

Henry’s Hot Sauce’s Cherry-Based “Fue, Fume, Cerise” Barbecue Sauce (4.5/12)

Hot Headz’ Who Dares Burns Naga Mustard Sauce (4.5/12)

Burning Desire Foods’ White Naga & Yuzu “Nuzu” Sauce (4.5/12)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Smoky Scorpion and Chipotle “The Raven” (4.5/12)

Meat Lust’s “Scary Spice” Ghost Chilli Sauce (4.5/12)

Prices Spices’ Rum & Reaper Dark Chocolate (4.5/12)

The Screaming Chimp’s Mon-Key Lime Sauce (4.5/12)

Ignis’ Chocolate Naga & Chocolate 9 (4.5/12)

The Unusual Chutney Company’s Jalapeño & Reaper Fiendfyre (4.5+/12)

Daddy Cool’s 7-Pot/Pod Katie Jerk Rub (4.5+/12)

Morrisons’ Own-Brand Ghost Chilli Sauce (5/12)

The Chilli Jam Man’s Szechuan & Black Peppercorn Bhut Grinder (5/12)

The Chilli Pepper Company’s Sweet Chilli “The Beast” (5/12)

Spice Island Chilli’s “Ghost Ship” Sauce (5/12)

3D Spice’s Japanese Inspired Geki Kara (5/12)

Daddy Cool’s Ghost Pepper Extreme Sauce (5/12)

💀 ChimouliS’ Pineapple Ghost Pepper Sauce (5/12)

🔥 The Ribman’s Holy Mother of God Scotch Bonnet & Naga Sauce (5/12)

💀Dorset Chilli Shop’s Pineapple, Coconut and Rum “Dorset Punch” (5/12)

Chilli Brothers’ Blueberry, Naga & Chipotle Syrup (5/12)

Chilli Brothers’ Lemon, Lime, Naga & Chipotle Syrup (5/12)

Badger’s Artisan Foods’ Mango & Lemon Sauce (5/12)

Tom’s Curious Sauces’ Ghost Pepper (5/12)

Hot Headz’ “Satan’s Sweat” Naga Sauce (5/12)

Badgers Artisan Foods’ Original Reaper, Scorpion & Naga Sauce (5.5/12)

Pepper Kitchen’s Superhot-Enhanced “Dangerously Hot” Sauce (5.5/12)

The FBI’s Strawberry & Scorpion “Ball Breaker” – By The Chilli Pepper Company (5.5/12)

Chillis Galore’s “The Reaper” Butch T Reaper Scorpion Sweet Chilli Sauce (5.5/12)

Saucey Lady’s Midnight Mischief Berry-Based Scorpion Sauce (5.5/12)

Crazy B🔥stard Sauce’s Carolina Reaper & Blueberry (6/12)

Nutty Professor Xtreme Peanut Butter from Edible Ornamentals (6?/12)

Rock a Doodle Do’s Luisiana-Style Carolina Reaper & Malt Vinegar Banshee (6/12)

Doctor Burnorium’s “Psycho Juice” Mustard Ghost Pepper Sauce (6/12)

Hot Pod’s Double Fermented “Jolt” Jerk Sauce (6/12)

Devon Chilli Man’s Bittersweet Smack m,Peach Up Dessert Sauce (6/12)

💀 ChimouliS’ Purple Scorpion Ketchup(?) (6/12)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Raging Goblin Jalapeno Extract (6/12)

Shahnaz Food Products’ Mr Naga Indian Pickle (6/12)

Bunsters Red Label “Mega 12/10 Heat” Sh🔥t the Bed (6/12)

🇺🇸 Ashley Foods’ Mad Dog Reaper Sriracha (6/12)

Prices Spices’ Horners Aftermath Plum & Moruga Scorpion Preserve (6.5/12)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Trinidad Scorpion Shītake Thats Hot! Vegan Jerky (6.5/12)

Thousand Hills’ Screaming Pumpkin Jam (6.5/12)

East Coast Chilli Co’s Garlic Teriyaki Reaper Sauce “Midnight 21” (6.5/12)

Hot Face Sauces’ Naga Jolokia Killer Ketchup (6.5/12)

Doctor Burnorium’s “Psycho Juice” Roasted Garlic Ghost Pepper Sauce (6.5/12)

Saucey Lady’s Mixed Berry Nagamor (6.5/12)

💀Matt Tangent’s Bang! Bang! Chilli Oil (6.5/12)

Hot Pods’ Superhot Chilli & Horseradish Rampage Sauce (7/12)

The Chilli Alchemist’s “Venus” Carolina Reaper Mayo (7/12)

Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm’s Xtreme Spiced Honey Roast Peanuts (7/12)

Tom’s Curious Sauces’ Trinidad Scorpion & Vanilla Cranberry Sauce (7/12)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Trinidad Scorpion Sweet Chilli Sauce (7/12)

🇺🇸 Spicy Ninja Sauce’s Death Star “Weaponised Star Fruit” D_ _ th S_ r O.G. (7/12)

The Somerset Chilli Co.’s Fruity Carolina Reaper “The Circus” (7+/12)

💀 Nature’s Hottest Popping Candy – The Chilli Alchemist’s Melliculus Reaper (7.5/12)

Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm’s Fruity “Megalodon” Sauce (7.5/12)

Burning Desire Foods’ Honey, Mustard & 7-Pot/Pod Jonah “Solaris” Sauce (7.5/12)

546 Cheese’s Trinidad Scorpion & De Arbol Cheddar (7.5/12)

Carrington’s “Flaming Chup” Extreme Harissa Paste (7.5/12)

Farraday’s “Tame” Carolina Reaper “Flying Monkey” Sauce (7.5/12)

The Chilli Pepper Company’s Caribbean Style Dragon’s Breath Sauce (8/12)

Balefire’s “Some Like it Naga” Viper Sauce (8/12)

Brighton Hot Stuff & Lazy Scientist’s Superhot “Cauldron” Sauce with Pumpkin (8/12)

McIlhenny Co.’s Tabasco Brand Trinidad Scorpion Sauce (8/12)

💀 oQuintal’s Devil’s Choice Scorpion Sauce (8/12)

CaJohn’s 7-Pot Primo Sauce – Hydra (8/12)

Hot Face Sauces’ Scorpion Scorcher with Scotch Bonnet (8.5/12)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ HOT Shrooms! Vegan Mushroom Jerky (8.5/12)

Brighton Hot Stuff’s Scorpion & Ghost Pepper-Enhanced Bird’s Eye Sauce (8.5/12)

Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm’s Burmese Naga Pickle (8.5/12)

Chilli of the Valley’s Black Garlic and Carolina Reaper “Black Death” (8.5/12)

Hot Headz’ Carolina Reaper BBQ Sauce (8.5/12)

Chilli of the Valley & This System Kills’ Carolina Reaper & Extract Sauce (9/12)

Singularity Sauce Co.’s Fermented Reapers & Mangoes (9/12)

Chilli Bob’s Chimera Chilli Sauce (9/12)

Torchbearer Sauce’s Garlic Reaper Sauce (9/12)

Alice Cooper’s “Poison” Carolina Reaper Sauce (9.5/12)

Dave’s Gourmet’s Original Insanity Sauce (9.5/12)

Daddy Cool’s Jeepers Reapers Revenge Carolina Reaper Sauce (9.5/12)

South Devon Chilli Farm’s Carolina Reaper Sauce (10/12)

Brighton Hot Stuff’s Armaggeddon Chilli Sauce (10/12)

Tropical Sun’s Carolina Reaper Hot Sauce (10/12)

Dingo Sauce Co.’s Widow Maker (10/12)

The Chilli Factory’s Scorpion Strike “Stupidly Hot BBQ” Sauce (10/12)

Devon Chilli Man’s Death at the Crimson Altar Sauce with Four Record Peppers (10/12)

High River Sauces’ Chocolate Bhutlah, Carolina Reaper & Tequila “Thunder Juice” (11/12)

Burning Desire Foods’ Mango, Carolina reaper & FG Jigsaw “Critical Mass” Sauce (11/12)

Badger’s Chilli Kitchen’s Armageddon The End (11/12)

Chilli Bob’s Dragon’s Breath Chilli Sauce (12/12)

Daddy Cool’s Mixed Superhot Final Destination Sauce (12/12)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Original Dragon’s Blood Sauce (14/12)

Badger’s Artisan Foods’ Badger X (18/12)

Tom’s Curious Sauces’ Angry Ass (18/12)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s XXX Mega Hot Dragon’s Blood Sauce (23/12)

Chilli of the Valley’s Phwoar Koff and Dai (30/12)

Burning Desire Foods’ “Five Finger Death Punch” Naga, Moruga & Extract Sauce (32/12)

🔥 Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s “God Slayer” Extract Sauce with Bourbon (36/12)

🔥 Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s “Regret” Extract Sauce with Bourbon (52/12)

Badger’s Artisan Foods’ Badger xXx (58/12)

The Chilli Pepper Company’s Ten Minute Burn (82/12)

🔥 World’s Hottest Sauce – Hot Headz’ & The Chilli Pepper Company’s Hell Unleashed (250+/12)

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