Spices on the Web

Despite also referring to themselves as “Chillies on the Web”, from time to time, these guys are not a chilli-specific business.

Spices on the Web specialise in spices of all kinds, from nutmeg to tomato flakes, from thyme and sumac to saffron and dried elderflower. Some that are commonplace, some that are a little more unusual and some that you probably won’t have ever seen or heard of. All, however, are well cared for and full of flavour. Not to mention competetively priced.

So, if you’re looking for the mexican achiote mentioned in my introduction to Opal Sunshine, 📽️ different varieties of cinnamon 📽️ or the Allspice for your jamaican cooking, Spices on the Web will get you what you need.

Yet just because they don’t specialise in chilli doesn’t mean that they don’t know their stuff. As their 24 dried chilli advent callendar – Each pepper accompanied by its own regional recipe – or their absolutely vast selection of seeds will demonstrate.

And, each year, usually around the middle of march, they stock at least a dozen different strains of pepper plant seedlings, readily available for online purchase. Interesting ones like fast fruiting jalapeños, purple serranos, orange scotch bonnets, bubblegum 7-pots/pods and even yellow carolina reapers.

I don’t believe I’ve ever showcased their plants but I’ve grown them and I’ve been very happy with them. They arrive tiny but full of vigor and soon outgrow anything I plant myself. And they’re varieties that aren’t exactly easy to find elsewhere. I’d highly recommend them.

But I have, as it turns out, shown off plenty of the sauces that they stock. Such wonders as Burning Desire’s Critical Mass, Solaris and Chipotle Syrups, as well as a few mexican imports from Laterra like their Michoacan or the pair that I bought to review the company.

So, when you’re done reading all those links, go check out Spices on the Web’s website at: https://spicesontheweb.co.uk

Just make sure that you sign up to their mailing list for even more savings!