The Chilli Project

The Chilli Project are a company that I know well, their owner, Rick Saunders, being a fellow member of the North East UK Chilli Heads Facebook Page. So, when they came to me directly to request product descriptions for their website, I was more than happy to oblidge. Especially considering all of the great sauces that I got out of it:

And that was just batch one!

So, while you won’t find reviews of their products on my site (I prefer to remain impartial), you can find my writing plastered all over theirs, using 💰this affiliate link💰. And I stand behind every word.

Rick’s entire range is of the utmost quality but my personal favourites, so far, would have to be his:

💰Garlic Naga Pickle

💰Hotshot Jalapeños

💰Charlie’s Brown Sauce

💰Grizzly Garlic

💰Hammerhead Hot Sauce and

💰Fatalii Chilli Salt

In no particular order.

All fantastically full on in their flavour, with little twists which make them uniquely his. Yet these are still just my own personal tastes, so I’d urge you not to overlook the rest of his line-up, either.