My name is Coran Sloss and I’m a 29 year old lover of all kinds of spice.

I grew up eating cinnamon quills and pickled jalapeños, before eventually moving onto crystalized ginger and curries. Then, when I went to study physics at university, my interest in chilli really took off.

I’d taken to sipping green Tabasco (one of their tastier sauces) to keep me alert during early morning labs and, when a friend described my snacks as being “like a supernova in their mouth”, people decided I was the go to guy for their chilli needs.

Not that many had any but another friend of mine just happened to have a lot of trouble getting ghost peppers past customs at that time. I looked around, hooked him up with a UK supplier and had my first glimpse into the less mass market chilli world. And I loved it.

Now, several years later, chilli is everywhere and reviewers are apleanty but I still feel that I have what it takes to go beyond, plus ultra stylie, with my love of flavour and affinity for the weird and wonderful.

Everything I review and every recipe I create will be rated from 0 to 10 on a scale of spiciness, be it chilli, cinnamon, ginger, black pepper or anything else. A zero is no heat, while one is barely noticeable and three and four are pretty hot. If something reaches a five on my scale, it is as hot as a first ingredient ghost pepper sauce and if it hits ten then it’s on par with a world record.

This means that unnatural, extract based products will occassionally attain ridiculous off the scale numbers but I feel that, in the cases where such numbers are warranted, they more adequately represent the strength of the product in question than any scale they fit into ever could.

And, of course, while chilli is the main focus of this blog, I will routinely discuss other topics like wasabi icecream, the best ginger beers and how to make your own extremely cinnamon apple crumble. So stay tuned for all things hot and tasty!

Your friend Coran, the Spicefreak.

P.S. While most products with names that require censorship are gimmicky and unlikely to find their way onto this site, some of them will occassionally warrant my attention. If you are young or easily offended, please do not click any links containing the 🔥 symbol but do click on my Censorship Policy at the top for more info.