Sup folks? Here’s a collection of convenient links to some of the companies that I’ve worked with.

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Regular Links

The Chilli Pepper Company – Specialists in extremely hot seeds and sauces. One of the few retailers with the Dragon’s Breath Chilli.

The Chilli Alchemist – Makers of some absolutely delicious sauces with themeing after my own heart. Sadly no 💀 popping candy 💀 anymore, though.

ChimouliS – Specialists in fruity sauces designed to double as coulis and marinades but better known for their ever so indulgent salted caramels.

Grim Reaper Foods – Sinister-themed producers of truly exquisite chilli chocolate and one of the mildest, tastiest extracts I’ve ever had. Also some really great sauce.

The Hot Pepper Company – Small-Scale importers of some stupidly hot stuff. Mostly peppers, flakes and powders but also once 💀 a garlic and scorpion sauce 💀.

Daddy Cool’s – Possibly the best at blending fruit and fire into savoury sauce. Loveably british but with definite indian and caribbean influences.

Cowley’s Fine Foods – Traditional jerky and snack food makers with far more vegan options than you might expect. Based just outside the UK in ireland but more than happy to deliver here, as well as having numerous stockists within.

Chilli Pepper Pete – Still the UK’s biggest name in extract sauces but also has some more natural, sensible sauces and spices on offer.

The Screaming Chimp – Could, in my opinion, use a touch more chilli for flavour but sensible heat sauces with excellent simmered tomato and/or fruit bases to them all the same. I’d particularly recommend their Vic’s Ol’ Smokey.

The Jam Horse – Makers of curds, chutneys and, as their name implies, some very pure extra jams.

Mahi Fine Foods – Environmentally-conscious sauce and marinade makers with a penchant for peri peri. They’ve made it into supermarkets but still maintain a small company ethos. Just be aware that their website can be quite slow to load.

East Coast Chilli Company – The only company that I’ve ever seen get a great taste award on their reaper sauce and it’s easy to see why. They offer a wide variety of flavours and heats, with a lot of heavily roasted garlic goodness available if you want it.

Extra Fun Stuff

🔥Grrl Power🔥 – A twice-weekly webcomic about superheroes and the supernatural in a slightly more believable setting. Mostly women (hence the name) but doesn’t play to stereotypes and includes its fair share of spice-related humour. Does push the boundaries of its PG-13 rating at times, though.

🔥Hot Ones🔥 – Youtube interview show with a fiery twist. Wings of an ascending heat order get guests talking a little more openly, while providing a fun secondary spectacle.