Hello everybody and welcome to one of my several archive pages.

In this little corner of the site, I’m listing my entire collection of weekend recipes, in heat order, for your ease of perusal. So feel free to check out what I’ve been cooking up, over the years and see what takes your fancy. Or you can head on up to the top of this site, where I’ve placed links to my tuesday product review and thursday “inedible” post archives in the header. Alongside one for my sillier YouTube content.

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Weekend Recipes

Wild Garlic and Chilli Leaf Salad (0/12)

Cinnamon Extract Apple Crumble (0+/12)

Kashmiri Chilli & Raspberry Pavlova (0.5/12)

Ancho & Paprika Cooking Salsa (0.5/12)

Baked Sweet Potato & Herby Padron-Fried Beans (0.5+/12)

Habanada Gazpacho with Garlic Croutons (1/12)

Loquat Drizzle Cupcakes with Ibiza Chilli Co’s Magnificent 7 Sauce (1/12)

Vegan Chickpea, Saffron & Peppadew Paella (1/12)

Scotch & Scotch Bonnet Rarebit with Whisky Sauce Co Sauce (1/12)

Chocolate Mousse Cake with Ancho, Pasilla & Cinnamon (1/12)

Daddy Cool’s Cauliflower, Garlic and Okra Pickle Bites (1/12)

Sriracha-Glazed, Sweet & Savoury Cashew Nuts (1/12)

Cinnamon & Chipotle Snaps with Burning Desire’s Syrup (1/12)

Cardamom & Pasilla Chocolate Denver Pudding (1/12)

Caramelised Banana & Coconut Curry (1/12)

Gluten Free Banana Habanero “Pancakes” (1/12)

💀 Smoked Chilli Cheesecake with Lilly’s Chillies Jam (1/12)

Dark Chocolate Brownies with Ginger, Pink Peppercorns & Pul Biber (1.5/12)

💀 Chipotle & Orange Chocolate Truffles with Grim Reaper Foods’ Sepulchre (1.5/12)

“Lantern Fruit” Gulab Jamun inspired by Battle Chef Brigade (1.5/12)

Caribbean-style Pineapple with a Spiced Scotch Bonnet Rum Glaze (1.5/12)

Horned Melon and Green Lemondrop Guacamole (1.5/12)

Molé Poblano Style (Vegan) Hot Chocolate (1.5/12)

Peri Peri Paneer Wrap with Mahi’s Marinade (1.5/12)

Tropical Jalapeño Tomatillo Salsa (1.5/12)

Cheese-Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers (1.5/12)

Extreme Ginger Cake (1.5/12)

My Take on littlePod’s Vanilla & Coconut Curry (1.5+/12)

Microwave Ginger Mug Cake with Grim Reaper Foods’ Alchemy Sauce (1.5+/12)

Salsa Verde with Green Lemondrop & Fresh Epaƶoté (2/12)

Beef & Brown Chilli Enchiladas (2/12)

Egg, Chive & Tomato Sandwich with Daddy Cool’s Fatalii Attraction (2/12)

Ancho & Scotch Bonnet, Jerk-Spiced Christmas Cake (2/12)

West African Scotch Bonnet Spiced Tomato “Jollof” Party Rice (2/12)

Mexican-Flavour Habanero & Valentina Buffalo Corn Cobs (2/12)

Savoury Red Velvet-Style Sriracha Onion Rings (2/12)

Chipotle & Chocolate Lava Cake (2/12)

Black Salsa with Chilhuacle Negro Chillies (2/12)

Pixel Tea’s Persona 5-Inspired Coffee Curry Udon Ramen (1-2/12)

Pul Biber Shakshuka (2/12)

Salt & Pepper Tofu with Seven Different Peppercorns (0-2/12)

Saag Aloo-Style Potato Pancakes (2/12)

Chipotle Chicken Korma (2/12)

🔥 Flaming Cherry Bomb & Burnt Sugar Panna Cotta (2/12)

Pequin Infused Cornbread (2/12)

Lemondrop, Pear & Apple Risotto (2/12)

Chipotle Chocolate Cupcakes (2/12)

Ginger Wine, Orange, Cinnamon Leaf & Habanero Haddock (2+/12)

Easy Sriracha & Sweet Potato Dip (2/12)

Chestnut, Pasilla & Ancho Nut Roast (2/12)

Passion Fruit & Cereja Roxa Dansak (2.5/12)

Ghost Pepper Infused Mince Pies (2.5/12)

Shredded Potato & De Arbol Stir-Fry (2.5/12)

Cayenne, Jalapeño & Herb Garlic Bread (2.5/12)

Goan Pork & Red Wine Vindaloo (2.5/12)

Ancient Chilli Salsa & Veggie Enchiladas (2.5/12)

Dōpiaza Style Onion Relish (2.5/12)

Veggie Enchiladas with a Smoky Cornish Chilli Co. Filling (2.5/12)

Mango & Lemon Spice Fresh Salsa (2.5+/12)

Regular Mapo Tofu (2.5+/12)

Naga Peanut Butter Cookies with Holly and the Ivy’s Nut Butter (3/12)

Fried Padrons with Mustard Oil & The Chilli Project’s Fatalii Chilli Salt (1.5-3/12)

Scotch Bonnet Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Screaming Chimp Chocolate (3/12)

🔥 Bloody Mary Cocktail with East Coast Chilli Co.’s Chance (3/12)

South Indian-Style Pea & Potato Chettinad Curry with Black Pepper (3/12)

Japanese-Style Egg-Fried Rice with Hot Headz’ Habanero Crisps (3/12)

Vegetarian Onion Bhaji “Scotch Eggs” (3/12)

Habanero Carrot Cake (3/12)

Sweet Potato & Scotch Bonnet Stew (3/12)

Mexican-Style Vegan Mango Sorbet with Chipotle and Citrus (3/12)

Jalapeño & Padron-Spiced Macaroni Cheese (3/12)

Udon Noodles in a Spaghetti & Meatballs-Style Sauce with Jalapeño & Lemondrop (3/12)

Udon Noodles in a Spaghetti & Meatballs-Style Sauce with Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Firemite (3/12)

Chocolate Madras (3/12)

Vegetarian Mapo Tofu (3+/12)

Lemondrop Apple Tart (3.5/12)

Black Garlic Reaper Brownies with Chilli of the Valley’s Black Death Sauce  (3.5/12)

Salted Chiltepin Crème Caramel (3.5/12)

Scrambled Eggs a la Gordon with Chilli Bobs’ Chimera Chilli Sauce (3.5/12)

Charizard X-inspired Blueberry Beef Rice Balls with Purple Pain Sauce (3.5/12)

Sweet & Sour Habanero Arrabiata (3.5/12)

Ham, Cheese & Basil Panini with Burning Desire’s 7-Pot/Pod Solaris Sauce (3.5/12)

Autumnal Orange Habanero Treacle Tarts (3.5/12)

Dark Chocolate Mousse with Saucey Lady’s “Midnight Mischief” Berry Blend (3.5/12)

Hot Jerk Mozzarella Sticks (3.5/12)

Lamb Vindaloo with Bravado Spice Co’s Blueberry Ghost Sauce (3.5/12)

Ghost Pepper Gingerbread (3.5/12)

Real Vanilla & Habanero Milkshake (3.5/12)

Salted & Caramelised White Chocolate with Ginger and Ghost Pepper (3.5/12)

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Shakshuka with Phaal Curry Spices (3.5+/12)

Salted & Caramelised White Hot Chocolate with Daddy Cool’s Chocolate (4/12)

Chocolate Habanero Cooking Salsa (4/12)

🔥 Cherry Bomb Chilli Vodka (4/12)

Bhut Jolokia Orange Copenhagen & Mango Linguine (4/12)

“Black Lover” No Cook Bunster’s Vegemite Sauce (4.5/12)

7-Pot Infused Brownies (4.5/12)

Anime Style Mapo Tofu (4.5/12)

White Chocolate & Carolina Reaper Truffles (6/12)

Dragon’s Breath Chilli & Coconut Chocolate “Bark” (7.5/12)

Mad Dog Gold Burger Topping Sauce (8/12)