Brighton Hot Stuff

A small but growing business, even more full of friendliness and enthusiasm than the other artisan hot sauce makers on this list. These guys were lovely to meet, down on the beach, at brighton’s Fiery Foods UK chilli festival, and I walked away with a whole bunch of their sauces. As well as a free and tasty bag of Szechuan Peanuts.

Those nuts impressed me but so, too, did their Jalapeno and Hop sauces, their use of the armageddon chilli and all the rest of their line-up. BHS’ Bird’s Eye sauce was an amazing use of the Chilli Children charity’s signature chilli but their work with non-pepper ingredients has been just as great, too. As shown by their Buckfast, Lychee and Kimchi sauces. Or the Cauldron, made in collaboration with a company named Lazy Scientist, which was the first time that I ever enjoyed pumpkin.

It’s a little more vinegar forward than some of their competitors but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the work of these brighton boys, all the same, over and over again. And that vinegar added a uniquely enjoyable tang to the company’s Sweet Chilli. So do go give their website a browse. And maybe check out Jaz Coleman’s, too, for their latest collaboration with him – The lead singer of the band Killing Joke.