Grrl Power Comic

My current favourite webcomic and the only one that I keep up with that has anything to do with spice, Grrl Power is, at its heart, a slice of life comedy about superheros. Or superheroines, if you prefer, since its name comes from the majority of its cast being female.

Many of these heroines are genetic mutants, in a vaguely X-Men-esque manner, but the main character, Sydney, is nothing more than an average human. Albeit one who’s more than a little eccentric, suffers from ADHD and starts the story running a comic book store.

A job that demonstrates her character as a massive nerd and, in doing so, sets the tone for the rest of the series.

Grrl Power follows Sydney discovering her powers and taking us on a highly nerdy adventure as she gets picked up by a government/millitary super team. It’s filled with countless geeky references, some obvious and others so obscure that only the most hardened of geeks will spot, but you don’t have to be a massive comic book fan to enjoy its story.

All you need is to be willing to laugh at a more realistic and more human take on the superhero genre.

It’s a great fun mix of action and pure silliness but I do feel oblidged to mention its age rating. I gave it a


for teen in my original review because I’m not really sure the author’s given it anything serious but it’s free from nudity and gore and can generally be considered safe for work. It does, however, contain both sexual humour and run on swears as part of its comedy, as well as the violence and small amounts of blood you might expect from a superhero fight.

And, as for it’s chilli content, that’s a part of its humour, too. A recurring aspect of Sydney’s character and, as such, something that’s blown way out of proportion on the occassions when it comes up.

She takes it well past my limits and simply cannot get food hot enough. The reactions of those around her, the crazy precautions they take in the preparation of her meals and even the moment of panic when she misses her mouth are all comedy gold.

I strongly suggest checking the comic out at