Saucey Lady

Saucey Lady is exactly what the name implies – A woman-run hot sauce company in an otherwise male-dominated profession. But, much as that name may say what sets the owner, Karen Willmott, apart from her rivals, it tells us nothing about what makes her sauces unique.

What makes them special is her love of balancing pepper and fruit flavours, in order to bring both to the fore. Some hold relatively normal combinations, like the orange, lemon and lemondrop in her recent St. Clements or the blueberry-heavy berry blend in her Midnight Mischief, whilst others contain fruit that nearly no-one else has touched. The Fireman’s Watch and Fiesta Fever, in particular, being excellent examples.

I can’t say that I’ve loved everything in the Saucey Lady line-up, since I found the Nagamor a tad disappointing, but the rest have all been really well made and I especially loved Kaz’ sweet and sour Birds & Bonnets.

Stay tuned for more from this company and do look for them at festivals, if you’re ever down south. Unfortunately, though, that’s the only place that I’ve been able to find Saucey Lady’s stuff, since they don’t have a website and don’t seem to sell on facebook.

Good luck tracking them down and I’ll add a link here if and when there is one.