A Little Mischief

Another tuesday, another spicy review, this time coming to us from Saucey Lady.

I’m not starting mild, either. I’m starting out with what might just be her very hottest. Her Midnight Mischief. The one I chose to get in her lovely little skull bottle.


Yet, as I mentioned in my overview, it can come in any of the many containers that she has to offer. I simply chose to put her fruity scorpion sauce in a bottle that looked as deadly as it sounded.

As you can see from my header image and in some of my videos, the bottle has a definite place on my display shelf but I won’t be saying much more about it this week. I’ll just flash you its rear and get on with the review.


You know, since I already linked the overview where I go over the range and its packaging.

The sauce inside is fairly thick and really quite pulpy, with a gorgeous red fruit aroma. It reminds me somewhat of perfectly ripe cherries, despite none on the ingredients list:

blueberries, red plums, raspberry & red wine vinegar, moruga chillies, pineapple juice, sugar

Since it’s a thick sauce and the bottle neck is only a centimetre across, it takes a little while to fill my spoon:


Yet it’s entirely worth the effort.

Between the pineapple juice cutting down on the amount of other acid needed and the vinegar having plenty of fruity flavour itself, this product manages to completely hide the taste of anything that isn’t a berry.

Aside from a little reaper-like sourness that I wasn’t expecting, this is basically just a hot fruit compote. It’s like blueberry pulp with chilli in it. Only more exciting, since I get touches of raspberry and plum playing supporting roles.

It’s unlike any other sauce I’ve had and, while I still think that it’ll go with salmon, chicken, pork, into a con carne for a little fruitiness or even over a light cheese salad, my main uses for it are going to be a little more unorthadox:

Put it ontop of a blueberry, blackberry, apple and/or blackcurrant tart a few minutes before it’s done cooking for a delicious, warm and fiery fruit topping. Hide it under the namesake layer of a crumble to add berries and heat. Or it can be a blast mixed into summer pudding.

For a quicker, hassle free dessert, you can simply stir it into yoghurt. And, if you want to get fancy, try spreading it thinly beneath whipped cream to make the mid-layer of a victoria sponge.

Last but not least, though, one of my favourite ways to use something so fruity and free from the taste of vinegar would be to pour it over ice cream. The mixture of real cold and artificial heat makes for an utterly unique blend of sensations, while the flavours end up a simple but delicious blend of red fruit and vanilla.

Plus, the ice cream adds a level of sweetness that the sauce doesn’t have on its own.

It does contain sugar but it’s the very last ingredient and the only sweet taste that I’m detecting is that from the fruit itself.

It’s a lot like East Coast Chilli Co’s Passion in that respect but the two sauces are complete worlds apart with their firepower.

The passion had a decent amount of mild chilli to it but this one clocks in nearly half my scale higher, towards the top end of a



Super hot for sure but still nowhere near the ten of πŸ“½οΈ a first ingredient moruga scorpion sauce πŸ“½οΈ.

Kaz, the company owner, has clearly not put a lot in and I can’t really taste any chilli besides that slight sour note that comes with the burn.

Honestly, though, I really don’t mind. The fruit taking centre stage is of great quality, meaning that it would be a shame to compromise it at all, and the heat is more than enough to hold its own against my frozen dessert.

Realistically, it’s going to be too hot for many of you but, if you’re used to super hot sauces, I can see no reason not to give this one a go. It’s thoroughly tasty and will go with all sorts of things that most other sauces simply can’t.

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