The Screaming Chimp

Me and Niall McKay-Mount – The owner of the Screaming Chimp brand – seemed to start off on the wrong foot, when I said, in my “Afterview” post, that I found his main line tasty but a little lacking in chilli content. Which was to say that I’d’ve enjoyed a stronger taste of their peppers, not necessarily more heat.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked Niall’s fruity, simmered-tomato base and the mango and pineapple of his fruit sauces a lot. I just felt that his delicious lemondrops, scotch bonnets and chocolate habaneros were a little underutilised, when used in such small quantities, alongside things that were far hotter.

At that time, I felt like only his Vic’s Ol’ Smokey – His mild, smoked paprika sauce – did its pepper justice but the entire range was full of flavour and, since then, he’s brought out a whole load of new products that I’d say are even better.

Niall’s scotch bonnet chocolate is truly amazing and the chocolate habanero sauce that I reviewed alongside it blew me away with how simple yet creative and delicious it was. Plus, while I haven’t reviewed them properly yet, I’m also very fond of his nuts and jerky.

The Screaming Chimp range is pretty excellent all round and I’ve long since resolved any differences with its creator. So go do yourself a favour and check the company out at

Just be warned – If you ever meet Niall in person, he can and will talk chilli for hours!