The Screaming Chimp

The Screaming Chimp, run by Niall McKay-Mount and his wife (who I only know as “Mrs. Chimp”), has been one of my absolute least favourite companies to work with, due to repeated accusations that I only care about the heat. Accusations that strike me as odd when my favourite of their sauces is their mildest.

No, I’m a chilli lover and I love the taste of most chillies as much as any heat that they provide. I enjoy other flavours, too, but I generally like to taste the pepper in my sauces. Something that I don’t really do with the Screaming Chimp range.

The company use some delicious lemondrops, scotch bonnets and chocolate habaneros from Edible Ornamentals but they do so alongside superhots and in tiny quantities to keep the heat down. Making the chillies’ flavours all too subtle for my palate.

Whereas, for that mildest that I love, their Vic’s Ol’ Smokey, the focus is on its smoke flavour. A bolder one, stemming from some rather more heavy-handed use of smoked paprika. A pepper who’s unique qualities they showcase far better than any of their chillies.

Don’t get me wrong, though, I love the fruity, simmered tomato base that most of their sauces possess. I just feel like, as a company marketing to chilli lovers, the Screaming Chimp aren’t doing their peppers enough justice. As I mentioned in my “Afterview” post on them.

Their logo and packaging are excellent, however, and I do recommend their Vic’s Ol’ Smokey. So it may well still be worth checking them out at