The Chilli Alchemist

The Chilli Alchemist, formerly run by Jay Webley of Clifton Chilli Club fame, are a company who hold a special place in my heart. Both for their theming and their assorted chilli popping candies – An utterly unique heat experience.

The theme of alchemy is a beautiful one that seemlessly blends together chemistry and magic, while harking back to a forgotten craft. And, aside from being conceptually elegant, it’s also rather visually impressive, with its penchant for cauldrons, potions flasks and charred, aged labels marked with archaic runes.

The Chilli Alchemist really play to my own tastes in visual design but they also get a lot more out of their theme than just the aesthetic.

It’s a theme of experimentation and creativity which, admittedly, shows most in the candy but can still be seen in their use of vanilla, matcha, honey bourbon and balsamic vinegar. Not to mention the way that they treat their 📽️ one extract item 📽️ as an artisanal habanero blend, first and foremost.

My reviews of their sauces currently include their aji amarillo mango sauce, their matcha & ginger jalapeño one and their “Magnum Opus” but I can assure you that I still have more on the way so stay tuned.

And, while the original company owners have retired (as of 15/02/2019), I have full faith that Grim Reaper Foods will continue their legacy with the care, attention and respect that it deserves.

The full Chilli Alchemist range will be available at for a long time yet, though you may see a few dips in stock during this changeover period.