The Chilli Alchemist

The Chilli Alchemist, created by Jay Webley, of Clifton Chilli Club fame, are now run by Russell Williams, from Grim Reaper Foods. But, despite their change of management, they will always hold a special place in my heart, for getting me into chilli reviewing.

Unfortunately, the 💀assorted chilli popping candies💀 that got me into them are gone for good, now, but their memory lives on in the new Dark Matter Chocolate. And many of the Alchemist’s other items have made their return, as well, with slight tweaks to suit Russell’s own sauce-making style.

In 📽️the first batch📽️, Russell reworked their 🔥💀📽️Smoke Potion, Purus📽️💀🔥 and 💀📽️Everlasting Flame📽️💀 but plenty more are on the way. Including their 💀aji amarillo mango sauce💀, their 💀matcha & ginger jalapeño one💀 and their 💀“Magnum Opus”💀. As well as several more original creations.

Such as these amazing chocolate and salted caramel spreads or the delicate, yet oh so spicy, Venus Mayonnaise.

I have more reviews of them on the way but, in the mean time, why not go give their website a look at They’re a fantastic company and Russell’s additions to the range are some of his best work yet!