Tom’s Sauces

I first came into contact with Tom’s Curious Sauces, as the owner calls himself on Reddit, back in twenty-nineteen. His business was new and his jerky was being offered free, for a limited time, in exchange for feedback.

I got in touch, figuring it’d be a nice snack and a new experience – Getting to talk to a producer about their work, directly. But I wasn’t expecting anything more than that. And certainly not the best jerky of my life.

So, since then, I’ve stayed in touch and sampled many of the man’s prototype products. Including some flavours which never made it to market. But, because they were prototypes, I haven’t been able to feature most of them. Until recently.

Recently, along with the final version of his Ghost Pepper Sauce, Tom sent me my favourite from his main line, as a little bit of a birthday gift. A beautfully dark and rich, adobo-spiced Chipotle Sauce.

And, when I got in touch to try and buy more, he included his Purple Pain, Cranberry and Angry Ass, free of charge.

He’s been super generous to me and, while I have had a couple of duds from him, the vast majority of Tom’s products have been utterly amazing.

So, if you fancy a little bit of scottish hot sauce or a truly scrumptious beef snack, do check the guy out at:

I particularly recommend his scorpion stuff.