Cowley’s Fine Food

Martin and Suzie Cowley, owners of Cowley’s Fine Food, come from a background in reenactment. They specialise in traditional fruit leathers (like fruit roll ups) and jerky, not in chilli, and I’m a little confused as to whether or not they’re actually in the UK.

Either way, though, they sell over here and produce a tonne of chilli jerky’s, both meat and veg based, ranging from mild jalapeno to trinidad scorpion and even the hottest mushrooms that I’ve ever had. Not to mention their spicy sweets with much better fruit flavours than anything that you’ll find on the highstreet.

My favourite of their chilli products was their Shiiiitake! That’s Hot! – A super hot and flavourful bag of japanese mushrooms – but the few heatless items that arrived with them were just as wonderful. As I mentioned when introducing the company.

And the success of their “My Brittle Pony” range on the back of that old horsemeat scandal shows a terrific sense of both humour and resourcefulness that I can’t help but respect.

I’ve been pleased with almost everything that I’ve had from Cowley’s so, if you’re into jerky, dried fruit or traditional sweets, I’d definitely recommend checking them out at