Mahi Fine Foods

With a sauce already in Sainsbury’s, I was a little uncertain about featuring these guys, since I try to showcase the more unusual and obscure. My curiousity won out, however, when I saw their green savina sauce and, well, I could hardly say “no” when they wanted to be generous.

After asking them to confirm the chilli content of that one sauce, Mahi Fine Foods sent me two whole boxes of sauces and marinades to talk about (the first of which can be seen in my introduction to the company) and that sheer quantity took me some serious time to get through.

Featured in those boxes, we saw the above-mentioned green habanero sauce, a nice all-round ketchup alternative in the form of their Red Jala and a pickled garlic sauce that was very well suited to tuna. Not to mention their fabulous, if rather vinegary, peri peri garlic and herb one.

Then, moving on to the marinades, their tikka was excellent for both chicken and paneer and really changed up my leftover stew, while their Peri Peri one was a touch less special but made for a delicious lunchtime wrap and their Wings Marinade did exactly what it said on the jar.

Nothing that I was given by them was completely mind blowing but their sauces and marinades have all been solid choices, nonetheless. So, if you’re looking for a nice and easy marinade with instructions on the jar or a simple, all round, every day  sauce, they’re certainly worth giving a look over at

And, if you do fancy checking them out, I’d also strongly suggest giving their mailing list a go. From what I can tell, Mahi have been sending out chilli seeds to everyone on there, not just being good to me.