Pepper Encyclopedia

Hello and welcome to my pepper encyclopedia! This page is an ongoing project designed to catalogue each and every pepper that I’ve tried, along with all of its relatives, for ease of access to its information.

Information like its colour and flavour, as well as any recipes or products that I’ve tried with it and, if known, its scoville rating. Not to mention, for may of the peppers, the correct (to the best of my abilities) pronunciation of its name.

In addition to that, though, this page also doubles as my seed catalogue and anything which isn’t greyed out is potentially up for trade. Just drop me a message via the “Contact Me” page up top and we’ll see what we can sort out.

Happy reading, everybody!

Adjuma Red

Adjuma Yellow

Ají Amarillo

Ají Bodysnatcher White

Ají Bodysnatcher Yellow

Ají Charapita (Charapilla, Tettinas de Monk)

Ají Chombo Red

Ají Chombo Yellow

Ají Crimson

Ají Crystal

Ají Fantasy Peach

Ají Fantasy Sparkly White

Ají Fantasy White

Ají Fantasy Yellow

Ají Limo Red (Lemondrop Red, Hot Lemon Red, Kella Uchu Red, Quillu Uchu Red)

Ají Limo White (Lemondrop White, Hot Lemon White, Kella Uchu White, Quillu Uchu White)

Ají Limo Yellow (Ají Limon, Ají Lemon, Lemondrop Yellow, Hot Lemon Yellow, Kellu Uchu Yellow, Qillu Uchu Yellow)

Ají Mango

Ají Mochero

Ají Painapple (Ají Pineapple x Trinidad Scorpion Butch T)

Ají Pineapple

Ají Red

Ají Rojo (Puca Uchu, Ají Red)

Aleppo (Halaby, Haleb Biber, Pul Biber)



Arapaho Red (Cheyenne Red)

Armageddon Red

Armageddon Chocolate

Bahamian Goat Pepper

Bengal Naga Red

Bhut de Neyde

Bhutlah PL Chocolate

Bhutlah PL Red

Bhut Jolokia Blood Orange

Bhut Jolokia Caramel

Bhut Jolokia Carbon

Bhut Jolokia Chocolate

Bhut Jolokia Orange Copenhagen

Bhut Jolokia Peach

Bhut Jolokia Purple (Purple Naga)

Bhut Jolokia Red (Ghost Pepper)

Bhut Jolokia White

Bhut Jolokia Yellow

Biquiño Red (Biquinho Red, Roquito, Sweetie Drops, Petit Bec)

Biquiño Peach (Biquinho Peach)

Biquiño Amarelo (Biquiño Yellow, Biquinho Yellow)

Bird’s Eye


Bonda ma Jaques

Brazilian Pumpkin

Brazilian Starfish Orange

Brazilian Starfish Red

Brazilian Starfish “Yellow”

Burkina Yellow

Burmese Naga Chocolate

Burmese Naga Red

Butch T Reaper Red (Butch T Reaper Scorpion)

Carboñero Yellow

Carboñero White

Carolina Reaper Caramel

Carolina Reaper Chocolate

Carolina Reaper Peach (California Reaper)

Carolina Reaper Purple

Carolina Reaper Red

Carolina Reaper Yellow


Cayenne Chocolate

Cayenne Golden

Cayenne Orange

Cayenne Purple

Cayenne Red

Cayenne Ring of Fire

Caysan Red

Cereja Roxa (CGN21500)

Chao Tian Jiao (Facing Heaven Bullet)

Cheiro Roxa

Cherry Bomb Big Bomb

Cherry Bomb Chocolate

Cherry Bomb Red


Cheyenne Orange


Chilhuacle Amarillo

Chilhuacle Negro

Chilhuacle Rojo


Chipōtlé Meco

Chipōtlé Morita

Chupetiño (Chupetinha, Pimenta de Bico)

Cumari Pollux


De Árbol (Rat’s Turd, Bird’s Beak)

Deng Long Jiao (Facing Heaven Round, Lantern Chilli)

Dorset Naga Orange

Dorset Naga Red

Dragon’s Breath

Facing Heaven

Fatalii Chocolate

Fatalii Orange

Fatalii Red

Fatalii White

Fatalii Yellow

Fat Baby Morich (Tabasco x Naga Morich)

Fidalgo Roxa

Fish Pepper

Gayle Lofthouse Red

Gibbering Idiot

Hababon Peach


Habanero Apricot

Habanero Big Sun

Habanero Caribbean Red Hot

Habanero Chocolate (Congo Black)

Habanero Golden (Habanero Yellow)

Habanero Hot Lemon

Habanero Mustard

Habanero Orange

Habanero Paper Lantern

Habanero Peach

Habanero “Pink”

Habanero Red

Habanero Savina Red

Habanero White

Hangijao Space Chilli

HJ-01 Corona

HJ-02 Meteor

HJ-03 Solar Flare

HJ-04 Comet’s Tail

HJ-05 Helix Nebula

HJ-06 Pulsar

HJ-07 Supernova

HJ-08 Total Eclipse

HJ-09 Big Bang

HJ-10 Afterglow

Holland Chilli (Dutch Red, Dutch Green)

Holy Molé

Hurt Berry

Infinaga (7-Pot/Pod Infinity X Naga Jolokia)

Jalapeño Green

Jalapeño NuMex Big Jim

Jalapeño NuMex Lemon Spice

Jalapeño Purple

Jalapeño Red

Jalapeño Yellow (Joloro)

Jamaican Mushroom Red (Red Squash, Hot Mushroom Red)

Jamaican Mushroom Yellow (Yellow Squash, Hot Mushroom Yellow)

Jay’s Ghost Scorpion Peach

Jay’s Ghost Scorpion Purple

Jay’s Ghost Scorpion Red

Jigsaw FG Chocolate

Jigsaw FG Red

Jigsaw FG Gator

Kanthari Mulaku Red (Jeeraka Paranki, Indian Bird’s Eye)

Kanthari Mulaku White (Bird’s Eye White)

Kashmiri Mirchi

King Naga

Knobbly Thang Yellow

Komodo Dragon Red

Kraken Scorpion Chocolate

Machu Pichu

Manƶano Orange

Malawi Picanté (Peppadew)

Mirasol (Guajillo)

Montufar (PI 585273)

Naga Brains Red

Naga Morich Orange

Naga Morich Red

Naga Viper Purple

Naga Viper Purple Chocolate

Naga Viper Red

Obeah Red


Padron Green

Padron Red

Pasilla (Chile Negro)

Pequin NuMex Bailey (Piquin, Bird’s Eye, Bird Pepper)

Peter’s Pepper Orange

Peter’s Pepper Peach

Peter’s Pepper Red

Peter’s Pepper Yellow

Pili Pili (Madagascar, Stitchwart)

Pimenta de Neyde

Pimenta Leopard

Pink Tiger

Piri Piri (Peri Peri, African Bird’s Eye)


Pot Black

Puerto Rican Yellow

Purple Cream

Pusa Jwala (Indian Finger Chilli, Fire Chilli)

Qixing Jiao (Facing Heaven, Seven Star)

Rawit (Thai Bird’s Eye)

Rocoto Orange (Locoto Orange)

Rocoto Red (Locoto Red)

Rocoto Yellow (Locoto Yellow)

Rouge Noir

Santa Fe Grande (Guero)

Satan’s Kiss Red (Devil’s Kiss, Baccio de Satana, Ciliegia Piccanté, Calabrian Chilli)

Scorpoñero (Trinidad Scorpion x Carboñero)

Scotch Bonnet Chocolate

Scotch Bonnet Orange

Scotch Bonnet Red

Scotch Bonnet Red Foodarama

Scotch Bonnet Red MoA

Scotch Bonnet Yellow

Scotch Bonnet Yellow Foodarama

Scotch Bonnet Yellow MoA

Serenade Green

Serenade Orange

Serenade Red

Serrano Green

Serrano Purple

Serrano Red


7-Pot/Pod Brainstrain Red

7-Pot/Pod Brainstrain Yellow (Mind Eraser)

7-Pot/Pod Bubblegum Red

7-Pot/Pod Bubblegum White

7-Pot/Pod Douglah Chocolate (Chocolate 7-Pot/Pod, 7-Pot/Pod Brown)

7-Pot/Pod Douglah Red

7-Pot/Pod Infinity

7-Pot/Pod Jonah Red

7-Pot/Pod Jonah Yellow

7-Pot/Pod Katie

7-Pot/Pod Lucy

7-Pot/Pod Primo Chocolate

7-Pot/Pod Primo Red

7-Pot/Pod Primo Yellow

7-Pot/Pod Red

7-Pot/Pod Yellow

Shabu Shabu (Shuan Shuan, Chinese Naga)

Shipka (Bulgarian Carrot)

Shishito (Lion Pepper, Sweet Wrinkled Old Man)

Sugar Rush Red

Sugar Rush Peach

Sugar Rush Striped

Sugar Rush Vanilla

Suriname Red

Suriname Yellow (Madame Jeanette)

Tabanaga (Tabasco x Naga Morich)

Tabasco Red

Teja Mirchi (Guntur Chilli, Indian Cayenne)

Tepin Amarillo

Tepin Capuccino

Tepin Colarado (Chiltepin)

Tepin Sonoran Orange

The Pain

Trinidad Perfume Yellow

Trinidad Scorpion Chocolate

Trinidad Scorpion Red

Trinidad Scorpion Yellow

Trinidad Scorpion Butch T Red

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend Caramel

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend Chocolate

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend Peach

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend Red

Trinidad Scorpion Moruga Blend Yellow

Ubá Tuba Red (Bishop’s Crown, Friar’s Lantern, Mad Hatter, Christmas Bell, Jamaican Bell, Tinkerbell, Cambuci, Jester’s Cap, Balloon Pepper)

Wartryx MA Red

Zhi Tian Jiao (Facing Heaven Long, Szechuan Long, Sichuan Long)

??? (CP345)

??? (“Pepper X” Chocolate)

??? (“Pepper X” Peach)

??? (“Pepper X” Red)

??? (“Purple Flowered Bacatum”)

??? (Moruga UV Chocolate)

??? (Moruga UV Red)