Gourmet Smash Ultimate

Is a project by SuperPixelTea, attempting to take Nintendo’s famous platform fighting game, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and represent each and every member of its star-studded crossover roster with a delicious and thematically-appropriate recipe. Be it a bright pink, watermelon and stawberry cake, for Kirby, a spiced rabbit shooter’s sandwich, for Shulk, a simple, yet decadent baked bowl of spaghetti, for Mario, or even a tapioca-dotted, retro fruit jelly, for Pacman.

It was practically inevitable that our shared love of cooking and nerdery would bring us together, so you’ll find several of Pixel’s recipes strewn across my site.

Some are straight recreations of his own features, like Joker’s coffee curry ramen, while others are snacks from his Discord server, like these sweet and savoury sriracha nuts, or my own interpretations of his work, like Charizard’s beef-filled X Evolution rice balls. But regardless of which category they fall into, every single one of his spicy recipes has wound up tasting amazing. And I’ve thoroughly enjoyed a few of his others, off record, as well.

So why not check out Pixel’s own site for the whole project? It’s completely free and you definitely won’t regret it.