Opal Sunshine

Opal Sunshine is small business run by one woman and her family. Making all natural, vegan hot sauces with her own signature blend of bonnets, habs and, on occassion, scorpion chillies. Yet what sets them apart isn’t that, since most sauces are vegan, intentionally or otherwise, and many others utilise the same signature peppers.

No, what sets Opal apart are her roots in belizean cuisine. A food culture, influenced by mexico and the caribbean, with a particular love for chilli products that are fresh, tart and heavily spiced.

The three products that Opal Sunshine first sent me were perfect examples of this. An original sauce that focussed on uniquely belizean spices. A lime-centric one, perfect for pizza and pasta dishes. And a yellow one that contained mango, yet focussed far more on its ginger and caribbean peppers.

All three were excellent and all three highlighted that unique style of cooking, which I’ve never seen from another UK producer. But her hottest product, Blackman Eddy’s sauce, stood out even more, with its similarly spectacular use of black garlic and tamarind.

So, If you’re looking for something a bit different, I can thoroughly recommend giving Opal’s website a gander, over at https://opalsunshine.com. Though I would strongly suggest that you read my reviews, as well, to get a better idea of what to expect from each. Since nothing that she makes is ever quite what I’m anticipating.