Hello everybody and welcome to a slightly smaller version of my old archives post.

In this little corner of the site, I’m listing only my YouTube videos, but you can find all of my weekend recipes, tuesday reviews and thursday “inedible” posts up top in the website’s header section. Though you may need to open a drop down menu on mobile devices.

It’s a simple change but hopefully a helpful one, as it means you shouldn’t have to scroll quite as far to find what you’re looking for anymore. But, if it’s not to your liking or you have something else to suggest, please feel free to send in your feedback via the “Contact Me” page.

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📽️ Youtube Silliness 📽️

Edible Ornamentals’ Chilli Farm Tour (?/11)

Rare Yellow Pitaya “Dragonfruit” (0/11)

Nestlé’s Ruby Chocolate Kitkat (0/11)

Cherimoya “Custard Apple” & Fiesty Cherry Diet Coke (0-0.5/11)

Supermild Trinidad Perfume Chilli (0.5/11)

Durian & Oasis’ Spicy Raspberry Aquashock (0.5/11)

🔥 Chilli of the Valley’s “Clothes-Rippingly Good” Jalapeño Hulk Juice (1/11)

Overwatch with Beastly Beverages’ Themed Cayenne & Lapsang Tea (1.5/11)

Fire Foods’ Cheese on Ghost Spread (2/11)

The Whisky Sauce Co.’s Scotch Bonnet Sauce (2/11)

Dorset Chilli Shop’s Dorset Sun (2.5/11)

Pimento Gingembre Chilli Ginger Ale (2.5/11)

Gran Luchito’s Chipotle Mayonnaise (2.5/11)

Price’s Spices’ Bombay Potatos (2.5/11)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Alchemy Sauces and Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka (1-3/11)

The Flying Goose Brand Sriracha Traffic Light Challenge (2-3/11)

Chinese Cassia Cinnamon (3/11)

Sri Lankan Ceylon Cinnamon (3/11)

Mr Vikki’s Nana Naga Banana Cutney (3.5/11)

Grim Reaper Foods’ “Purgatory” Ghost Pepper & Burgamot White Chocolate (3.5?/11)

🔥 Peter’s Pepper – A Different World Record (3.5/11)

🇺🇸 Byron Bay’s Heavenly Habanero VS Extreme Mint Gum (3.5-?/11)

Byron Bay’s Heavenly Habanero VS Assorted Flavour Extracts (3.5-?/11)

Fresh Aji White Fantasy & Peach Habanero Peppers (2-4/11)

Numex Lemon Spice Jalapeño & Pure Menthol (3-/11)

🇺🇸 Yellow Jalapeno & The Offspring’s Gringo Bandito Super Hot Sauce (3-4/11)

Manda’s African Red Habanero Sauce & Australian Caviar Lime (4/11)

Chilli Olly’s Off-Menu Murderous Dorset Naga Ratatouille (4+/11)

Encona’s Limited Edition Carolina Reaper Sauce (4.5/11)

Seabrook’s Fire Eaters Crisps (2-4.5/11)

🇺🇸 Warrantman Pepper Co’s Sauces (2-4.5/11)

Eating Grim Reaper Foods’ “The Raven” Sauce with James “The Raven” McKenzie (4.5/11)

Sauce Shop’s White Label Limited Editions (0-4.5/11)

Three of the Screaming Chimp’ Sauces (1.5-4.5/11)

💀 Morrisons’ Carolina Reaper “Mild” Cheddar (4.5/11)

Screaming Chimp’s Hottest “Screamer” Sauce (5/11)

The Original Juan’s Pain 100% (5/11)

Black Jalapeño? & Grim Reaper Foods’ Raging Goblin Extract (3-6/11)

Edible Ornamentals’ Fresh Chillies, Inc. the new “Vanilla Sugar Rush” (0.5-?/11)

Cornish Chillies Ltd.’s Fresh Chillies, Inc. Purple Jalapeño (1.5-?/11)

Cornish Chillies Ltd.’s Fresh Chillies Pt.2, Inc. White Bhut Jolokia (1.5-?/11)

Fire Foods’ “Discreetly Packaged” XXX 7-Pot Sauce (6/11)

Tubby Tom’s Cayenne and Carolina Reaper “Death Dust” Dry Rub (6/11)

Pizza topped with Shahnaz Food Products’ Mr Naga Pickle (6/11)

💀 Thousand Hill’s Screaming Pumpkin Jam (6.5/11)

Bang Bang Chilli Cornflakes Experiment (6.5/11)

🇺🇸 Warrantman Pepper Co’s Vinegar & Salt (4-6.5/11)

Fire Foods’ Limited Edition 7-Pot Infinity Sauce (7/11)

DIY Bunster’s Sauces & Spot the Imposter Game (?/11)

Culley’s “World’s Hottest” Carolina Reaper Ramen Noodles (7.5+/11)

Daddy Cool’s Scorpion Annihilation Finish Him (8/11)

Bunster’s “One Block Challenge” Sh🔥t the Bed Chocolate (8/11)

Rola Wala’s Twisted Indian Scorpion Chilli Wrap (8/11)

Roulette, Habanero & Custom Reaper Doritos (0.5-8/11)

🔥 The Death Nut Challenge with Pepper X (2-8/11)

Baking with Death Nuts (?/11)

🔥 Bunster’s Sauces & Sauce Making Kit (2-8.5/11)

Hot Face Sauces’ Scotch Bonnet & Reaper Extreme Sauce (8.5/11)

Tubby Tom’s Carolina Reaper & Moonshine “Gut Rot” Sauce (9/11)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Red Habanero & Extract “Everlasting Flame” Hot Sauce (9/11)

Dave’s Gourmet’s Insanity & Nintendo Switch Cartridge Taste Comparison (0-9.5/11)

Hot-Headz’ Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Sauce (10/11)

Burns & McCoy’s 7-Pot Primo Exhorresco (10/11)

Hot-Headz’ Carolina Reaper “Killer Hot” Sauce (10/11)

Retro Shots’ Jeepers Reapers Chilli Vodka (10/11)

Hot-Headz’ Death Drops Chilli Extract Sweets (12/11)

Hot-Headz’ Man the F🔥🔥k Up! Reaper & Scorpion Purée (13/11)

CaJohn’s Clear Magma Sauce (15?/11)

Fire Box’s Instant Regret Chocolate (17/11)

Mojo’s Bar & Chilli Shop Leeds’ Hot Ones Challenge Part One (?/11)

Mojo’s Bar & Chilli Shop Leeds’ Hot Ones Challenge Part Two (?/11)

🇺🇸 Hot Ones, Heatonist & Smokin’ Ed’s The Last Dab Pepper X Sauce (18/11)

Feeding Grim Reaper Foods’ “Oblivion” Chilli Extract to a Plant (35/11)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Satan’s Sh🔥t 1.3 Million Scoville Chilli Paste (35/11)

💀 Grim Reaper Foods’ “Annihilator” Chilli & Wasabi Extract (40/11)

🇺🇸 Ashley Foods’ 25th Anniversary Mad Dog Gold with 9M Scoville “Plutonium” (45/11)

🔥 Sonic Forces Hot Pepper Video Game Review (?/11)

🔥 Just a Straight Up Fresh Carolina Reaper (?/11)

Fresh Gayle Lofthouse Chilli (Green & Red) (?/11)

October’s Flaming Licks Chilli Subscription Box (2017)