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📽️ YouTube Silliness 📽️

Edible Ornamentals’ Chilli Farm Tour (?/11)

Rare Yellow Pitaya “Dragonfruit” (0/11)

Nestlé’s Ruby Chocolate Kitkat (0/11)

Cherimoya “Custard Apple” & Fiesty Cherry Diet Coke (0-0.5/11)

Supermild Trinidad Perfume Chilli (0.5/11)

Dried Durian & Oasis’ Spicy Raspberry Aquashock (0.5/11)

Fresh Durian Fruit (0.5/11)

Cinnamon, Wasabi & Chicken Wing Flavour Oreos (1/11)

🔥 Chilli of the Valley’s “Clothes-Rippingly Good” Jalapeño Hulk Juice (1/11)

Boundless’ “Activated” Seeds & Nuts (1-1.5/11)

The Sonic the Hedgehog Movie and Chilli Dogs (?/11)

Overwatch with Beastly Beverages’ Themed Cayenne & Lapsang Tea (1.5/11)

💀 Fire Foods’ Cheese on Ghost Spread (2/11)

💀 Fire Foods’ Spit Roast Sauce and “BJ” Bacon Jam (2/11)

The Whisky Sauce Co.’s Scotch Bonnet Sauce (2/11)

Dorset Chilli Shop’s Dorset Sun (2.5/11)

Fresh Habanadas & Biquiños from Westland Peppers (1-2.5/11)

Hatoful Boyfriend Let’s Play Part 1 with Cholula Mexican Bird’s Eye Sauce (2.5/11)

Pimento Gingembre Chilli Ginger Ale (2.5/11)

Gusto Organic’s Chipotle Ginger Beer (2.5/11)

Gran Luchito’s Chipotle Mayonnaise (2.5/11)

Price’s Spices’ Bombay Potatos (2.5/11)

Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka & 💀 The Chilli Alchemist’s Alchemy Sauces (1-3/11)

The Flying Goose Brand Sriracha Traffic Light Challenge (2-3/11)

Numex Lemon Spice Jalapeño & Pure Menthol (3-/11)

💀 Henry’s Hot Sauce’s Black Abyss (3/10)

Chinese Cassia Cinnamon (3/11)

Sri Lankan Ceylon Cinnamon (3/11)

Sauce Shop’s Red, Green and Amarillo Srirachas (1-3/11)

🔥 Tom’s Curious Sauces’ Purple Pain (3/11)

Mr Vikki’s Nana Naga Banana Chutney (3.5/11)

💀Hot Face Sauces’ Green Birdseye Burner (3.5/11)

Grim Reaper Foods’ “Purgatory” Ghost Pepper & Burgamot White Chocolate (3.5?/11)

Henry’s Hot Sauce’s “Venom” Naga Viper Sauce (3.5/11)

🔥 Peter’s Pepper – A Different World Record (3.5/11)

Hot Face Sauces’ BBQ Bonnet Sauce (3.5/11)

The Chilli Alchemist’s New Trio (1.5-3.5/11)

🇺🇸 Byron Bay’s Heavenly Habanero VS Extreme Mint Gum (3.5-?/11)

Byron Bay’s Heavenly Habanero VS Assorted Flavour Extracts (3.5-?/11)

🇺🇸 South Church Salt Co’s Ghost Pepper Hawaiian Salt (1.5-4/11)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Cheeses & Chilli Sauces (0-4/11)

The Chilli Jam Man’s Main Range on Toast (?-4/11)

Fresh Aji White Fantasy & Peach Habanero Peppers (2-4/11)

Gringo Bandito’s Yellow Scotch Bonnet & Habanero Sauce (4/11)

Yellow Jalapeno & The Offspring’s Gringo Bandito Super Hot Sauce (3-4/11)

Manda’s African Red Habanero Sauce & Australian Caviar Lime (4/11)

Screaming Chimp’s Half Hot Easter Eggs & Chilli Cola (4/11)

Chilli Olly’s Off-Menu Murderous Dorset Naga Ratatouille (4+/11)

Encona’s Limited Edition Carolina Reaper Sauce (4.5/11)

Seabrook’s Fire Eaters Crisps (2-4.5/11)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Limited Edition Scorpion & Fatalii Scythe (4.5/11)

🇺🇸 Warrantman Pepper Co’s Sauces (2-4.5/11)

Eating Grim Reaper Foods’ “The Raven” Sauce with James “The Raven” McKenzie (4.5/11)

Sauce Shop’s White Label Limited Editions (0-4.5/11)

Three of the Screaming Chimp’ Sauces (1.5-4.5/11)

Seed Ranch Flavour Co.’s Thai Green Reaper Sauce & Assorted Thai Dishes (0-4.5/11)

💀 Morrisons’ Carolina Reaper “Mild” Cheddar (4.5/11)

Screaming Chimp’s Hottest “Screamer” Sauce (5/11)

💀 Daddy Cool’s Valentine’s Day Chocolates (?-5/11)

A Homemade Secret Santa from the NEUK Chilli Heads (0.5-5/11)

Chillis Galore’s Mango, Lime & Yellow Naga Scorcher Sauce (5/11)

Flavour Before Fire & NEUK Chilli-Heads’ Naga Sauce Beans Challenge (5/11)

Daddy Cool’s Salted Caramel Cowboy Candy & Blood Orange Bhut Jolokia Sauce (2.5-5/11)

The Original Juan’s Pain 100% (5/11)

Fresh Puerto Rican Yellow Chilli (5/11)

Badger’s Artisan Foods’ Sauces (0.5-5.5/11)

Black Jalapeño? & Grim Reaper Foods’ Raging Goblin Extract (3-6/11)

The Chilli Shop’s Carolina Reaper Valentine’s Hearts (6/11)

Edible Ornamentals’ Fresh Chillies, Inc. the new “Vanilla Sugar Rush” (0.5-?/11)

Cornish Chillies Ltd.’s Fresh Chillies, Inc. Purple Jalapeño (1.5-?/11)

Cornish Chillies Ltd.’s Fresh Chillies Pt.2, Inc. White Bhut Jolokia (1.5-?/11)

Fresh Pink Tiger Chilli (Bhut Jolokia x Pimenta de Neyde) (?/11)

Butch T Scorpion Jollof Rice (6/11)

🔥💀 Fire Foods’ “Discreetly Packaged” XXX 7-Pot Sauce (6/11)

Tubby Tom’s Cayenne and Carolina Reaper “Death Dust” Dry Rub (6/11)

Hot Pods’ Smoked Onion Quarantine Sauce (6/11)

Pizza topped with Shahnaz Food Products’ Mr Naga Pickle (6/11)

💀 Thousand Hill’s Screaming Pumpkin Jam (6.5/11)

Bang Bang Chilli Cornflakes Experiment (6.5/11)

🇺🇸 Warrantman Pepper Co’s Vinegar & Salt (4-6.5/11)

💀 Fire Foods’ Limited Edition 7-Pot Infinity Sauce (7/11)

DIY Bunster’s Sauces & Spot the Imposter Game (?/11)

Fresh Purple Naga Viper Chilli (?/11)

Fresh Purple CHOCOLATE Naga Viper Chilli (?/11)

The Unusual Chutney Co.’s The Draught of Living Death (7.5/11)

Culley’s “World’s Hottest” Carolina Reaper Ramen Noodles (7.5+/11)

Hot Ones & Hell’s Kitchen’s Solgard Scorcher (8/11)

Daddy Cool’s Scorpion Annihilation Finish Him (8/11)

Bunster’s “One Block Challenge” Sh🔥t the Bed Chocolate (8/11)

Rola Wala’s Twisted Indian Scorpion Chilli Wrap (8/11)

Roulette, Habanero & Custom Reaper Doritos (0.5-8/11)

Dr. Burnorium’s Mini Psycho Juice Gift Set (3.5-8/11)

Willy Pete’s Mother of All Bars Chilli Chocolate (Gold Version) (8/11)

🔥 The Death Nut Challenge with Pepper X (2-8/11)

Baking with Death Nuts (?/11)

Psycho Juice 70% Scorpion & Diemen’s Inferno Sauce Comparison (7-8/11)

The Chilli Pepper Company, Shart & ChilliBobs’ Naga Viper Sauces (4-8/11)

The Chilli Jam Man’s Ultra Range on Toast (5-8.5/11)

Chilli Seed Bank’s “World’s Hottest” Corn Chips (8.5/11)

🔥 Bunster’s Sauces & Sauce Making Kit (2-8.5/11)

Hot Face Sauces’ Scotch Bonnet & Reaper Extreme Sauce (8.5/11)

Tubby Tom’s Carolina Reaper & Moonshine “Gut Rot” Sauce (9/11)

💀 The Chilli Alchemist’s Red Habanero & Extract “Everlasting Flame” Hot Sauce (9/11)

Fairley’s Fine Condiments’ Frightfully Hot Carolina Reaper Sriracha (9/11)

🔥 Dr. Burnorium’s Psycho Juice Extreme Ghost Pepper (9/11)

Dave’s Gourmet’s Insanity & Nintendo Switch Cartridge Taste Comparison (0-9.5/11)

Tom’s Curious Sauces’ Weapons of Ass Destruction (5-10/11)

Crazy B🔥stard’s Superhot Sauce Set (5-10/11)

Hot-Headz’ Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Sauce (10/11)

Burns & McCoy’s 7-Pot Primo Exhorresco (10/11)

Hot-Headz’ Carolina Reaper “Killer Hot” Sauce (10/11)

Comparing 🇺🇸Paqui & One Chip Challenge Ltd’s Tortilla Chips (8.5-10/11)

Retro Shots’ Jeepers Reapers Chilli Vodka (10/11)

The League of Fire Chug Challenge (10/11)

A Bit of a Pickle’s Superhot “Tân y Ddraig” Chutney (11+/11)

Hot-Headz’ Death Drops Chilli Extract Sweets (12/11)

Hot-Headz’ Man the F🔥🔥k Up! Reaper & Scorpion Purée (13/11)

Burning Desire Foods’ Liquidator Extreme Barbecue Sauce (13/11)

🇺🇸 Hot Ones, Heatonist & Smokin’ Ed’s The Last Dab Apollo Sauce (15/11)

CaJohn’s Clear Magma Sauce (15?/11)

Dorset Chilli Shop’s Melt Your Effing Face Off Sauce (15+/11)

Fire Box’s Instant Regret Chocolate (17/11)

Mojo’s Bar & Chilli Shop Leeds’ Hot Ones Challenge Part One (?/11)

Mojo’s Bar & Chilli Shop Leeds’ Hot Ones Challenge Part Two (?/11)

🇺🇸 Hot Ones, Heatonist & Smokin’ Ed’s The Last Dab Pepper X Sauce (18/11)

Feeding Grim Reaper Foods’ “Oblivion” Chilli Extract to a Plant (35/11)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Satan’s Sh🔥t 1.3 Million Scoville Chilli Paste (35/11)

🔥 The Death Nut Challenge v2 with Pure Capsaicin Crystals (2-36/11)

💀 Grim Reaper Foods’ “Annihilator” Chilli & Wasabi Extract (40/11)

🇺🇸 Ashley Foods’ 25th Anniversary Mad Dog Gold with 9M Scoville “Plutonium” (45/11)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Prototype Chocolate By Death Challenge (?/11)

🔥 Sonic Forces Hot Pepper Video Game Review (?/11)

🔥 Just a Straight Up Fresh Carolina Reaper (?/11)

🔥 A Rare Fresh Caramel Carolina Reaper (?/11)

Fresh Gayle Lofthouse Chilli (Green & Red) (?/11)

October’s Flaming Licks Chilli Subscription Box (2017)