Chilli Pepper Pete

Originally run by and named after one of the two co-founders of Brighton’s Fiery Food Festival, Chilli Pepper Pete is now owned by a guy named Paul Murrell. Someone who I like to call Chilli Pepper Paul.

And, while the owner has changed in recent years, the company has not. They still sell the same delicious range of Dragon’s Blood products, going all the way up from their fruity, medium heat, mango sauce to the stupidly hot extract sauces that they’re known for and even a rather rudly named 🔥📽️ blueberry, chilli and extract paste 📽️🔥.

I recieved samples of the lot back in april of 2017 and I enjoyed everything they sent (albeit in smaller quantities with their hotter side) but it was the blackcurrant in their barbecue sauce and the earthy, fruity undertones of scotch bonnet in their mango one that really stood out to me. Not that fans of something tangier won’t love the two green sauces that they make too.

Add to that a wide range of dried chillies, seeds, chilli pastes and now even several honeys and salamis that I haven’t had chance to try and Chilli Pepper Pete should have what it takes to catch the attention of any chilli lover who doesn’t like it mild. Because, quite simply, they don’t go that low.

So, if anything that I’ve mentioned has piqued your interest, why not go check them out at