Hello everybody and welcome to a slightly smaller version of my old archives post.

In this little corner of the site, I’m listing only my thursday “inedible” posts, but you can find all of my weekend recipes, tuesday reviews and arbitrarily-timed videos up top in the website’s header section. Though you may need to open a drop down menu on mobile devices.

It’s a simple change but hopefully a helpful one, as it means you shouldn’t have to scroll quite as far to find what you’re looking for anymore. But, if it’s not to your liking or you have something else to suggest, please feel free to send in your feedback via the “Contact Me” page.

Enjoy browsing but please do give my censorship policy a read before clicking on anything with a flame by it.

Thursday Inedibles

Victoriana Nursery Gardens’ Challock Chilli Festival (?/11)

Edible Ornamentals’ Chilli Farm Tour (?/11)

Gingerbeard’s Preserves Introduction (?/11)

Opal Sunshine Introduction (?/11)

Saucey Lady Introduction and Bottles (?/11)

Mahi Fine Foods Introduction (?/11)

Screaming Chimp Introduction (?/11)

Screaming Chimp Afterview (1.5-4.5/11)

Chilli Pepper Pete Introduction (?/11)

Cowley’s Introduction and Non-Chilli Items (?/11)

Daddy Cool’s Introduction (?/11)

Chilli Alchemist Introduction (?/11)

ChimouliS Introduction and Mini Bottles (?/11)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Introduction and Gift Boxes (?/11)

Flaming Licks’ Fiery Foods Subscription Boxes (?/11)

Does Size Matter (?/11)

What is “Superhot” (?/11)

How Does Milk Help (?/11)

Mood Rings and Chilli (?/11)

Chinese “Hangjiao” Space Chillies (?/11)

🇩🇪 Original Source Lemon & Chilli Shower Gel (1.5/11)

Mapo Tofu Recipes Overview (2.5+/11)

Obeah Chilli Pepper (4.5/11)

The Controversial Dragon’s Breath Chilli Pepper (13?/11)

My First Hot Ones-Style Sauce Line-up (1.5-14/11)

My 2018 Hot Ones-Style Sauce Line-up (1.5-36/11)

My 2019 Hot Ones-Style Sauce Line-up (1.5-36/11)

My 2020 Hot Ones-Style Sauce Line-up (1.5-52/11)

The Hero and His Elf Bride Open a Pizza Parlor in Another World Book (Age 11+)

Ed Marriott’s “Scoville” Boardgame (Age 11+)

Winter 2017/18’s Food Anime Shows (Age 8-11+)

Hot Ones Wing Challenge Game Show (Age 12+)

Hot Ones Wing Challenge & Interview Show (T)

Release the Spyce Cute Spy Drama Anime (T)

Grrl Power Superhero Web Comic (T)

iZombie Supernatural Detective Show (T)

Food Wars Extreme Cooking Anime (T)

Yearly Recap (2016)

Yearly Recap (2017)

The New Challengers (2017)

Yearly Recap (2018)

Yearly Recap (2019)

Bauce Brothers’ Craft Hot Sauce Hot 100 Reaction (2019)