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Hey folks, happy thursday!

This is not a post that I was planning to write but, today, I have some fantastic news to share: I’ve got my first affiliate link. And it’s not from the company that I was expecting.

The one that I’ll be featuring is Alkemio Kitchen, who you’ve seen a couple of reviews for, in recent weeks, and are just now making their way onto Kickstarter. So, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen, so far, please do use 💰this link💰 or the one in my sidebar to go check them out and support both me and the company.

Or read on, to find out more about them and what this means for my reviews.

So, before I get any further, I should probably let you know that I’m not making any money from today’s link. I’m getting paid exclusively in product but, you know what? I’m honestly very okay with that.

Fergus Blair, the company owner, makes at least ten different sauces. All of which use unusual and inspired ingredients, many of which you won’t find anywhere else. And the blends that he’s made from them sound utterly crazy but I’ve yet to find a single one that failed to impress me.

His Pineapple, Shiso Leaf, Calamansi, Sugar is a tangy, tropical, sweet sauce with a mild heat and some serious freshness. Excellent for brightening up all kinds of dishes but at its best with a little bit of greenery to complement its own leaves.

His Jalapeno, Lime, Mustard, Turmeric is a stunning, medium heat, american mustard sauce with a strong hit of umami, green chilli and herbs. Perfect for hot dogs but also very well suited to use in a chimichurri-style steak seasoning.

And his Blueberry, Miso, Scotch Bonnet, Mint is the hottest thing that I’ve had from him and it’s still just about within my medium range. A rich, soy-forward, asian blend with strong, fruity undertones, showing off his focus on intense flavour over intense heat. Great with burgers or stir-frys and his suggestion of making maple-satay with it sounds amazing.

I’ve also got a review of his Watermelon, Cucumber, Lemongrass, Sugar coming up, though, which may well be his mildest product. And it’s such a fruity and refreshing one, reminiscent of a garden party cocktail, like pimms. I, personally, love it over oily fish and barbecued meats, to contrast any smoked or charred flavours.

They’ve all been stunning and I made up my mind on the lot long before I got 💰this link💰. But I won’t be featuring Fergus’ other items until the kickstarter is over. Just so that you know that my opinions are genuine.

You won’t be seeing a real review on that middle sample – His Black Garlic, Chipotle, Tamarind & Chocolate – any time soon. But I will say that it’s super dark and rich, with a tamarind tang and subtle roasted taste. Not too hot but definitely noticeably chipotle.

All five have made excellent additions to my collection and to my food. The pineapple one, in particular, really livening up my wild garlic pesto:

But, if glorious meal shots are what you want, Fergus’ own far outshine mine:

He is, after all, a professional chef. One who loves the idea of fusion food and the culinary alchemy which it represents.

In fact, Alkemio Kitchen was originally an experimental, fusion food dinner club but, with current events putting a damper on that particular venture, Fergus has vowed to inspire home cooks with his sauces, instead. And it looks like he’s succeeding.

His current 💰kickstarter campaign💰 isn’t about getting started, after all. It’s to raise the funds for a dedicated kitchen. In order to move the cooking out of his own home and increase production, to meet a growing demand.

So, if that’s a cause that you can get behind or you simply feel like grabbing a bunch of these stunning sauces, please do me a favour and click that link above.

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