Chilli Bobs

The company behind the East Midlands Chilli Festival and so many of the great sauces that we’ve seen on this site, Chilli Bobs made it into my sidebar by sending me a bottle of their Spiced Sticky Apple and one of the most bright and fruity mango sauces that I’ve ever had. Yet that was far from my first experience with them.

I first met Neal Price, the owner, through Posh Pickles & Preserves a smaller brand which he seems to have taken over. Their award-winning Sẚ Và Tu’o’ng ó’t and Fiery Chilli Extra Jam were delicious and I absolutely adored the use of slow-cooked lemongrass. So I’ve tried several of his own products, over the years, as well.

His 📽️Korean Viper BBQ📽️ was a wonderful blend of sweet and savoury, very much in the korean style, his Chinese Tiger one made great use of the pink tiger pepper and his Chimera Chilli Sauce was remarkably fruity and nuanced, for only three ingredients.

There is no website for his company, as such, but I would still strongly recommend having a look at Chilli Bobs’ ebay store: because their products have been consistent winners.

And both of Chilli Bobs’ new superhots have been, too. Even if there was some controversy around their Dragon’s breath