Daddy Cool’s

Run by Steve Cooley and riffing off his own name, Daddy Cool’s is another of the small businesses that have been kind enough to send me stuff. And, despite not going as whole hog on theming as some of the others, they’re still at least as lovably british. As evidenced by their mild chilli take on brown sauce.

Yet Steve doesn’t let his own heritage and geordie outlook hold him back from a love of indian pickles and fruity caribbean sauces. Or other, even wilder creations. His full range forms a rather eclectic mishmash of cultures but I’ve never had a bad product from him and his ability to work fruit into a savoury sauce is second to none.

I’ll be showing you a few more goodies from him in future but I think I’ve already tried enough to be able to thoroughly recommend his work, so do go check out what he makes at