Alkemio Kitchen

Founded by professional chef, Fergus Blair, Alkemio Kitchen started out life as an experimental dinner club and was designed to show off his love of creative fusion cuisine. Unfortunately, as was the case for many food businesses, the Covid-19 pandemic put an end to Fergus’ original plans. But an amazing hot sauce business was born from their ashes.

Moving the business online, he began producing a wide range of different chilli condiments, which truly captured his weird and wonderful flavour combinations. Four of which I got to try and write impartial reviews on, before becoming affiliated with his Kickstarter campaign. The sauces in question were his:

Watermelon, Cucumber, Lemongrass, Sugar

Mustard, Lime, Jalapeno and Turmeric

Pineapple, Shiso Leaf, Calamansi, Sugar

Blueberry, Miso, Scotch Bonnet, Mint

and I loved all of them.

Every single one of them was not only delicious but also something unique and special, with a flavour unlike anything else on the market. Their masterful use of highly unorthodox ingredients and flavour pairings truly embodying the old spirit of alchemy.

Be they magic or purely arcane cullinary science, I’d recommend each and every one. And, while I’m nolonger affiliated with the company and nor do they have a proper website, I’m still more than happy to send you their way. Go check out Alkemio Kitchen’s Instagram at:

Where you can not only place an order but also browse all of Fergus’ mouthwatering food pics.