Grim Reaper Foods

Unlike the other companies that I’m listing in this sidebar, Russell Williams’ Grim Reaper Foods has never sent me a free sample package. Every time I’ve shown you his products, I’ve paid for some of them. But I have still only paid for some of them.

I have paid postage and bought items every time but Russell has also been incredibly generous with his extras, including an entire free gift box and more in my first order.

I’m pretty sure that that qualifies him for a spot among my linked companies and I’m happy to have him there, given how much I’ve enjoyed his products.

His lemondrop, sweet chilli Alchemy, smooth and smoky barbecue Wraith, tangy, scotch bonnet Sweeny Todd, green, thai-style Rookie Goblin and limited edition πŸ“½οΈScytheπŸ“½οΈ were all wonderful sauces that have thoroughly earnt my recommendations. While his “The Raven” even gets πŸ“½οΈone from James McKenzieπŸ“½οΈ – The titular star of CBBC’s similarly-named show.

Plus, his chilli chocolate is the best that I’ve ever tasted, his Raging Goblin taught me that extracts could be flavourful, rather than just painful, and his boozy marmalades are an amazing addition to my morning toast or porridge.

Add in everything else that he stocks – Including my second favourite chocolate (Doctor Burnorium’s Psycho stuff), the majority of Burning Desire Foods‘ range and some great seeds and sauces, imported from germany – and his company just has so much to offer.

So don’t be afraid of his rather more sinister and death-based theming, simply head on over to to see the lot.

I highly recommend Russell’s range, as well that of The Chilli Alchemist, which he now also runs.