A Bit of a Pickle

Another welsh producer but not so much of a sauce maker, this time, Irena Legierski and her company, A Bit of a Pickle, specialise in jams, jellies, chutneys curds and, yes, the titular pickles. Basically any type of spread that you can think of.

Many of these products are completely spice-free and I’m honestly quite partial to her Earl Grey and Citrus Jelly. But her passion for peppers still shines through in products like her Habanero Jam and her utterly amazing Lemondrop Curd. Or, for the especially hardcore among you, there’s always her 📽️Tân y Ddraig pickle📽️, made with superhot FG Jigsaw and Hurt Berry chillies.

You can grab all of those, as well as the rest of A Bit of a Pickle’s range, over at https://www.abitofapickle.com