Hot Ones Show

The brain child of Chris Schonberger and hosted by Sean Evans, Hot Ones is a youtube interview show with a difference.

It’s described as “The show with hot questions and even hotter wings.” and you can tell, even from that tag line, that it’s an utterly off the wall stupid idea. The sort of thing that two guys come up with when drunk and then have to really beg and barter to get anyone to appear on at all. Let alone A-list celebrities.

But, the thing is, it works.

Getting famous people to eat increasingly spicy chicken wings sounds like a dumb idea, and it is one, but it’s one that brings a lot more to the show than you might think. It builds a comradery, as host and guest go from sharing a pleasant meal to suffering in unison, and it adds spectacle, on top of whatever interest the questions bring.

Above all, though, it changes the way that the celebrities think. Gets them out of their comfort zone. Makes their answers more reactive and less planned out. Makes them more honest, some would say.

And, because it’s such a silly show and it’s not on TV, they can get away with sillier questions, down to earth ones, ones that focus on brand rivalry and ones that get just a little bit dirty.

It’s not a show for all ages. It is, at times, sweary, sexual and/or drug related but, above all else, it’s real. And that, even as someone with very little interest in most big celebrities, makes it a lot of fun.

So, if you’re over 18 or you’ve got your parent’s permission, head on over to the First We Feast youtube channel, where it airs every thursday, and give the show a watch. You won’t regret it.