East Coast Chilli Co.

The East Coast Chilli Company are a small one run by Tim Chapman – A friendly guy from east anglia with a clear passion for his craft. But it wasn’t Tim who got in touch with me.

No, my reviewing of the ECCC range was organised by a middleman. An avid fan of their sauces who works in marketing and has gone on to officially handle their promotion.

I was sceptical at first, since I knew nothing of this guy’s background and he was seriously bigging up their products but, as our conversation continued, it became clear that he really did know his sauces and really did believe in the ones that he was promoting. So I gave them a shot and I was not disappointed.

All three of the items I recieved proved to be a stunning blend of heat, flavour and texture. From the fine, pulpy grains of their smooth-flavoured, fresh-tasting mango sauce to the honey-based stickiness of their garlic and reaper teriyaki, and the scarily addictive creaminess of their tomato and garlic, habanero blend, everything that they sent me was wildly different and wildly delicious. So I was a little disappointed when the one product that I picked out for myself wasn’t quite as amazing.

East Coast Chilli Co.’s Reason proved to be a relatively standard, lousianna-style sauce, without anything to make it as special as their others. But, even so, it’s not a bad sauce and the rest of their range is well worth checking out.

You can find the lot at www.eastcoastchillicompany.co.uk