Burning Desire Foods

A former disciple of Chilli Pepper Pete, Jason Stevens has since been running his own company for almost a decade and I actually met him at the Reading Chilli Festival in 2017, where he first debuted his chipotle syrup.

And, much as I loved that syrup, his sauces were also also pretty top notch. Though the Solaris did take a bit of experimentation before I got the best out of it.

His mango-based Indulgence, however, was instantly delicious, with its heavy use of habanero and citrus, while the Critical Mass was probably the tastiest ten out of ten that I’ve ever had.

And, should you want to go even hotter, he makes a rather crazy extract item, to boot.

So yeah, go check him out at burningdesirefoods.com and, if you have even the slightest interest in chipotle, do give his syrup a go.

Plus, stay tuned for a few freebies that he’s sent me recently.