The Hot Pepper Company

A small family business based in Watford who specialise in importing dried chillies from the US and Portugal, The Hot Pepper Company previously imported sauce, too, but no longer seem to stock any on their site.

What they do stock, however, is a range of unusual superhot peppers in dried, powdered or flaked form.

I can’t say that I’ve tried them all but their chocolate bhutlah powder is crazily hot – Easily above the reaper to my tastebuds – and full of rich, earthy, cocoa-like flavour. Perfect for amping up a curry or an icecream sunday, so long as you don’t overdo it.

And the butch T strain of trinidad scorpion, while slightly milder than the moruga, has even more of the blood orangey fruitiness that scorpions are known for.

I can’t really recommend πŸ’€ the sauce that they sent meΒ πŸ’€ due to problems with its bottling but their chillies and chilli powders are top notch so do check them out at or on Amazon, where they seem to have slightly different stock.