Back in Alkemio’s Kitchen

Happy thursday again, everyone. Do you remember when I got an affiliate link from Alkemio Kitchen?

Well, that link ran out a while ago, since it was only good for the duration of the company’s Kickstarter, but, for anyone who needs a refresher, my old post about it is still up and running. And my rewards arrived just recently.

So, today, I’d like to take a quick moment to welcome Alkemio Kitchen to my sidebar proper. And to thank you all for making it happen.

First up, here’s what I got in the mail:

Their Strawberry, Roasted Pepper & Tamarind Sriracha, their Mango, Turmeric Cumin, Nigella, their Black Garlic, Chipotle, Tamarind, Chocolate and their Plum, Cola, Cinnamon, Rose, Scotch Bonnet.

Four very different-sounding sauces, with at least two different chillies and four different fruit, between them. But, even more interestingly, not all ones from their Kickstarter campaign.

The mango has changed slightly, since its original incarnation, and the Plum Cola seems to be entirely new. So it seems like Fergus Blair, the company owner, still has plenty more in the works. Despite his already extensive line-up.

You can expect to see all of these, and perhaps even a few others, in the coming months. Now that I’m free to explore his work, impartially, once more.

And, with both the easing of covid restrictions and the funding of his Kickstarter, Fergus has a lot more freedom, as well. Allowing him to expand his business, as desired, and even restart some of those supper clubs.

So go check him out, over on instagram or in my sidebar, for everything that he does and all of his amazing food pics. And thank you all for making my first affiliation such a success!

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