Pure Desire

Hey folks, guess what? This week we have another last minute addition to my review line-up but, unlike the previous one, it’s not because of some seasonal tradition. It’s because, just last thursday, I received something special and unexpected from one of my favourite producers.

Along with my latest order from The Chilli Alchemist – The intended contents of which you’ll be seeing quite soon – was a product so new that it isn’t even on their website yet:

The company’s “Venus” mayo, made with the legendary carolina reaper and set to grace the Alchemist’s web store in the next few weeks.

Its dark and sophisticated label bears the now familiar look of the company’s sweet spreads but trades their moon and stars for its namesake planet, rendered in several shades of peachy, orange foil. While its alchemical symbol, commonly shared with the female gender, is hidden away around the side.

A curious choice, perhaps, to associate the roman goddess of beauty with the often all too macho pursuit of extreme heat. But Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system and so bears a certain link to both the world record chilli and the range’s cosmological branding. Even if the former isn’t immediately obvious.

Unlike the meaning of this product’s light and creamy subtitle colouration, which is clearly meant to hint at the smooth and creamy contents of the jar. Albeit without giving their true colour away:

Outside of its packaging, Venus is a shockingly yellow mayo. Perhaps not quite as neon as my camera makes it look but definitely still a long way from the pink that I’ve come to expect. And it really highlights the little red shreds of chilli within.

Yet, unless you recognise the subtly lighter red of the reaper, its easy to be misled by that yellow, as well. It implies that little heat or flavour has infused into the actual mayonnaise. Or perhaps, even, that those shreds might be saffron, not chilli. Neither of which is true, at all.

The real reason for that unusual shade is twofold: A combination of a high mustard content and the same golden rapeseed oil that Russell uses for his Grim Reaper brand. Combining to give the Venus an earthy, slightly flowery overtone which leads seamlessly into the reaper’s own floral hints.

Then, as the gentle taste of red chilli grows, so too does its heat. From a nice medium, across the left of my tongue, all the way up to a raging

fire in my throat. Lingering just as long as you’d expect of such a superhot and lightly tickling my nose with its mustard.

All the while feeling exquisitely smooth and creamy. Because, ultimately, this is a high quality mayo before all else.

It may have an extreme heat but its chilli and mustard flavours are delicate additions to the rich emulsion at its core. And that core is oh so silky!

So, while those little additions make it perfect for fish, eggs and ham, it’s still going to be an utter delight elsewhere. Including over burgers, chips or nachos, as described on the jar, or in an extra hot chicken sandwich.

It is, quite simply, just a really good, really hot mayonnaise. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Venus was made from:

Rapeseed oil (75%), pasteurised free range egg yolk (9%), dijon mustard(water, mustard seed, spirit vinegar, salt, preservative: sodium hydrogen sulphite), carolina reaper puree (carolina reaper chilli (70%), cider vinegar, salt), cider vinegar, lemon juice from concentrate (preservative: potassium metabisulphite), sugar, potato starch, salt, pepper.

And you’ll be able to get it from The Chilli Alchemist’s website very soon. So keep an eye out for it there and, in mean time, why not take a look at my page for its pepper?

See you next week, everyone!

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