Green Doppelganger

It’s the end of the line, boys! And girls. And anyone else who’s reading this.

And, with that, I’m pretty sure that I’ve gone and blown what little credibility my old west gangster impression may have had. But that’s okay. It’s the end of the lime, anyway. One of Daddy Cool’s more recent sauces:

Yes, this week I’m reviewing his latest attempt at a green jalapeño product. One which, I suppose, is the replacement for his old 💀Hybrid💀. Though it’s got none of the coconut or kiwi and far more of a focus on its green chilli.

Is this new sauce an improvement? Is it as amazing as the rest of Daddy Cool’s current range? Or will it be as much of a mess as his okra bites recipe?

Today, I intend to find out.

Visually, The End of the Lime definitely has that old sauce beat but, honestly, that isn’t a massive accomplishment and the label isn’t anything particularly out there.

It’s the same design as the rest of Daddy Cool’s current range – A black label with a coloured mid section, his company logo and a couple of mock-torn edges, reminiscent of 💀the old chilli alchemist💀 – with its only unique feature being the colour. Yet that colour does make it seem surprisingly special.

The three key shades of off-white, light green and darker green, all fading into one another, not only sell the colour of this sauce’s chilli content but also imply a cooling element. Like that of the cucumber in its ingredients.

It doesn’t tell us everything, by any means, but I’m quite keen on this particular colour-scheme and just how much it stands out from other chilli products.

Now let’s talk about the contents:

The sauce which fills my spoon is of a medium thickness and a murky, yellowy green colour. Yet it looks far more inviting than that sounds, because of its vast quantity of large herb shreds.

This is a coriander-heavy one, for sure, and some people are going to hate that but not me.

My genetics let me enjoy the leaf and, as a result, I can see exactly why it’s so popular. It has a delicious, fresh and grassy, herbal taste to it, which really works in a green sauce.

And, while I prefer a coriander-free green chilli product for my macaroni cheese and tuna pasta dishes, I’d rather one with it for almost every other application. Especially over pepperoni pizza, tacos, bolognese or shakshuka.

Daddy Cool’s End of the Lime takes that preference on board and pushes it to the extreme, being almost more herbal than it is chilli-flavoured. Yet I can definitely still get the green jalapeño and bell pepper base and, once they’re paired with its strong hit of lime, this sauce becomes strangely familiar.

I’ve had something just as herby before. Just as bright and citrussy, too, and just as deeply, intensely green.

What this sauce reminds me of is Tubby Tom’s Pablo Diablo – One of the greatest jalapeño products that I’ve ever tried – only without nearly the same amount of sugar.

Pablo Diablo was a bright and flavourful, unique take on a sweet chilli, while the End of the Lime is far, far more savoury. Meaning that its citrus comes across a lot more sharply and rather less sweet and sour.

And, while the cucumber that I mentioned earlier plays no obvious role, there is still a little extra something beneath the green of the peppers. Another, earthier, herbal note with a deep and slightly musty, mushed plant quality to it, which is quite subtle, under all of the other ingredients in this sauce, yet instantly reminds me of Hoptimo and Brighton Hot Stuff‘s 🔥CBD-infused sauce🔥.

It has to be hops, right?

Well, it turns out that I’m wrong and it isn’t. It’s actually the closely related hemp that graces Daddy Cool’s ingredients list:

Jalapeno (31%), Green Bell Pepper (16%), Onions, Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Cucumber, Water, Lime Juice (2.4%), Coriander, Hemp Powder (0.7%), Olive Oil, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Xanthan Gum.

And, despite how little of it is actually in there, it definitely makes a difference, adding a surprising amount of depth to the already oh so green flavour. A clever touch to make his sauce stand out from the swathes of other jalapeño products in existence, without taking away from the pepper, itself.

This is still a jalapeño and herb forward sauce, with a low



in the back of the throat. It’s just that little bit more special than most.

I love it!

I’m going to use this sauce in all the ways described above and many more. Probably including Daddy Cool’s own suggestions of dolloping it over nachos and mixing it into a salad dressing but definitely not his idea of coupling it with tequila. Because, in my opinion at least, that alcohol is highly overrated.

Regardless of my thoughts on that one particular pairing, however, this sauce remains one of Daddy Cool’s most versatile. And, while it’s hard to call anything in his range a “favourite”, when he makes so many top-notch products, I have thoroughly enjoyed today’s feature and I’m certain that the green jalapeño fans among you will be just as impressed with it as I was.

Do yourself a favour and give his End of the Lime a go!

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