Festive Fury

So it’s been a long and busy week, at least for me, dear readers, but tuesday has finally found its way back around. Which means it’s time for another review.

Today’s piece features the last item in my backlog from Prices Spices and it does so for good reason. Just look at that jar:


Sure, it looks small, dark and evil but it also says “Plum & Moruga Scorpion Chilli Preserve” in light, pinky-purple text. Text that, to me at least, implies dark red fruit used to create a rich yet vibrant, cranberry-esque jam for the christmas season. A jam that would be just perfect over equally flavourful roast meats and cheese that’s either tangy or pungent.

Sadly, this isn’t that product but, as december draws ever closer, I’m going to shine a spotlight on it, anyway, so that you can see what the Horners Aftermath Chilli Jam really is.

There’s not a lot more to say about its packaging, honestly. There’s a four out of five chilli rating on the side which was, at the time, the highest rating that the company awarded to anything besides plain chillies. And there are wavy lines of colour above and below the product’s name, as usual.

It is interesting that they’ve split the text colour up into its two parts for that, with one line pink and the other purple, but, ultimately, it doesn’t really mean or say anything more about what’s inside. So I guess it’s time that we had a look for ourselves:


This jam is thick. Really thick. Thick enough to cleanly hang past the edge of my spoon. And to hold thin strands out even further.

It’s also dark. Very dark. Almost black, in fact, with only a dark pink glow, around its edges, to tell us that it’s at all coloured or translucent.

It’s pretty foreboding, if I’m honest. Especially with Prices Spices’ usual packaging matching its evil looks. But, with no discernible scent coming off my spoon, I’m definitely going to have to try it to get any more info. And I’m quite shocked when I do.

It’s sticky, yes, and slightly sweet, but it’s not what I’d call jam at all. Jam doesn’t have an overwhelming dark, bold and savoury flavour like this does.

To me, this “Horners Aftermath Chilli Jam” is closer to a spiced up onion relish. Yet there’s no onion in it and it certainly doesn’t have the same texture.

No, as the main flavour starts to fade, the real source of that savouriness hits my tongue and I realise that it’s roasted garlic. Roasted garlic and just a hint of the plum, itself.

The moruga? That’s not as obvious to my taste-buds but just because I don’t taste the chilli doesn’t mean that I don’t feel it. And that feeling is unmistakable.

It’s a scorpion sting, alright, forming a sharp pin prick of



at the back of my throat when it goes down, lingering for a couple of minutes and then fading to the same intensely warming glow that I got from 📽️ Seabrook’s crisps 📽️.

This is potent stuff and probably not something that you’re going to want to slather all over a sandwich but just a little bit mixed into a bolognese, a pizza sauce, a glaze for your roast, a stir-fry or some cream cheese filling in your baked potatoes is going to go a long way. This stuff is almost as strong in flavour as it is in heat, after all!

And, if you’re really feeling hard core, there’s always cheese and crackers or the top of a burger.

The Horners Aftermath should be used more like a relish than a jam but, if you’re a fan of serious heat and savoury flavours, with just a touch of sweetness, this one’s definitely going to satisfy!

Here’s what makes it:

Plum (63.6%), Demerara Sugar, Garlic, Ginger, Onion, Moruga Scorpion Chilli (0.7%), Sea Salt

And, uncharacteristically for the company, no spices this time. Not that I’m complaining, given the flavour that it does have.

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