Scorpion Tail Cheddar

Sup peeps, today it’s time for another cheese review and this week’s product is one that I know well:


One of five different chilli cheeses from 546 Cheese but the only one that’s actually hot.

Boy is it, though! This is their scorpion pepper cheddar and it doesn’t pull any punches, with a fierce



that comes in gradually, yet quickly.

It’s definitely not for beginners and nor is it in line with the rest of their range but what about its flavour? Is this a cheese worth trying for those who enjoy such fire?


It’s a powerfully mature cheddar base with a tonne of pepper to it, both red and green. More flavourful than any pepperjack, with some pretty recognisable scorpion undertones at the end and a richness throughout that I couldn’t quite place, back when I first tried it.

Roughly a year on, though, 546 Cheese now have it in proper packaging and their ingredients list tells all. It’s the deeper, darker, almost woody flavour of de arbol that really makes this cheese spectacular.

Here’s what goes into it:

Cheddar Cheese. Crushed Chilli.Chile De Arbol. Hot Pepper.Jalapeno Peppers.Red Bell Pepper Garlic Powder.Onion Powder. Trinidad Scorpion Chilli

And normally I’d blame all the poor formatting on them but, this time, it’s badly printed black on brown and I’m struggling to make bits of it out. It’s quite possible that I’ve misread here and there but nothing so serious as to change an entire word.

So it’s far from my favourite packaging but it does keep the cheese fresh and I am glad that I have some ingredients to read now, despite the difficulty. Knowing about the arbols, at last, makes me very happy. I love what they bring to this product and it was frustrating me no end to not know what was behind that rich flavour.

Plus, with their nickname of “rat’s tail” it makes a surprisingly fitting chinese new year review for twenty twenty – The year of the rat.

There is one downside to their abundant use, here, though, and to the cheese’s high chilli content in general:


While it will get gooey at the edges and it does make a great cheese on toast, it never melts much more than what you see here. And it doesn’t grate, it crumbles.

It’ll never make a welsh rarebit or a proper panini and the resulting chunkiness is not what I’d prefer for my tacos.

It’s very much a topping, not an ingredient, making it hard to tone down its high heat, but I still enjoy it a lot. Especially with con carne, oregano and a slice of fresh tomato in a pitta, where it makes for an unorthodox but thoroughly enjoyable lunch or dinner.

I really recommend giving it a go but this cheese is not without its limitations, so do keep them in mind when you do.

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