Medium Mango

Greetings everyone and welcome to december.

Today we’re going to be looking at ChimouliS’ milder side again with this. Their mango sauce:


The packaging is much the same as that of their other sample sauces, with their name and that of the product in bold lettering against and old parchment coloured map that gives it something of a traditional feel. The shadowing on the name, this time, is orange, matching the colour of the main ingredient, while the heat rating is a much smaller “medium”.

Their focus here appears to be on how to use it, not how hot it is, telling us that it’s a fruity dip, marinade or coulis. They do, however, add the tag line “savour the flavour – welcome the warmth”.

Initially, this would seem to be nothing more than a milder version of the “hello to the heat” line on their super hot sauces but, since it’s not been on their other mediums, perhaps there’s something more to it. Perhaps this sauce is intended as something of a winter warmer.

Let’s find out:


On the spoon you can see the thickness of this sauce, just a little more than that of their pear sauce. It’s slow but it does flow from the bottle, unlike the last one we looked at.

It also has visible chunks to it. Small pieces of carrot, onion and garlic that add texture to this sauce and give it savoury notes that balance out the sweet fruitiness of the mango. A multi-layered fruit flavour achieved with the use of both the fruit and its essence, as well as the lemon drop chilli we saw before.

That little chilli’s doing a lot of work here as, even without the hotter burkina to back it up, it’s still giving the product a pretty decent



well worthy of the “medium” rank ChimouliS have given it.

It’s not quite the warm you up from the inside kind of heat that the branding implies, however. Instead, this sauce comes in sweet and the heat gradually builds near the back of the mouth, with very little throat warmth and none I can feel on the way down at all.

So, not the sort of winter warmer I expected but still, there’s a lovely gentle growth to this sauce’s burn.

But perhaps it isn’t entirely the chilli’s doing after all. As we saw with the alchemist’s lemon drop popping candy, sometimes a little bit of non-chilli heat can go a long way towards enhancing that of the chilli. This sauce uses just a touch of ginger but it might be enough to bump the burn up just a little.

And, if that’s not what the ginger’s for, then it’s not doing all that much because I can barely taste it.

What I definitely do taste, however, is the tamarind below it on the ingredients list, adding its unique, almost woody fruit flavour to the main mango in a way that enriches it greatly and really brings the sweet and savoury sides together.

This sauce is like no other mango chilli one I’ve had but I will definitely be using it. Not only on things like chicken that go well with sweet and fruity but also alongside curries and chinese dishes, risottos and maybe even pasta.

If you’re expecting a sweet chilli sauce then you might be disappointed but, if you go in with an open mind, I’m sure you’ll like what you get. A savoury-style sauce with a powerful mango flavour and a decent bit of sweetness to it.

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