Screaming Mango

Hey guys, it’s time for the final one of my Screaming Chimp sample sauces, their Mango & Papaya.

2017-03-11 11.06.44

And, just like last month’s, this one forgoes the brand’s main simmered tomato base in favour of a 42% mango content, supported by papaya and pineapple for an equally strong but much smoother fruitiness.

But, before we delve too deep into its taste, let’s take a moment to appreciate the subtle differences on this sauce’s packaging.

Just like the rest of the line, the Screaming Chimp’s Mango & Papaya carries their excellent ape logo on the mock-parchment background that makes up its skin tone. What sets this one apart, however, is its thin green border and similarly coloured little name banner.

As with most of the others, this does unfortunately little to indicate the flavour of the sauce and, for the only thing to separate it from the rest of the range, the amount of green seems rather small. It is, however, a very prominent colour against the sandy background and the orangey yellow sauce itself.

It’s definitely a great colour choice.

And, of course, while the colour doesn’t really say much about the flavour, anyone who takes a moment to read the sauce’s name will know what to expect. That mango and papaya is, after all, the vast majority of what I smell when I open the bottle.

Rated at two out of four chillies by its makers, this one is supposedly the same heat as their pineapple sauce but will that be the three on my scale that I got from it alone or the two that it felt like once food hid its ginger? There is, as I’m sure you’re all aware by now, only one way to tell:

2017-03-28 11.28.06

It’s a smooth sauce that’s neither thick nor thin but pours easily and very clearly has a high mango pulp content.

Just as that content is its main scent, it’s also the sauce’s main flavour, with the papaya coming in late to give the sauce some tartness and its white wine vinegar bridging the gap between the two.

The chillies are subtly apparent in this one, too, just like in their pineapple sauce, but they aren’t just scotch bonnets like those were. Instead, what I’m getting is a hint of lemon drop and red pepper.

There is some bonnet in there, just not enough to taste. Only enough to boost the blend a bit and give the product a



burn on the middle of the tongue. Right in the middle of the expected range.

It doesn’t do anything particularly different and seems a touch too close to just straight mango pulp, in my opinion, but it’s a good, pure mango sauce none the less.

It’s probably intended for things like chicken but I could also see it going great on things like ice cream or apple strudel. It will find a niche in some savoury meals but I think that its fruitiness will go as well, if not better, with desserts.

And yet, I myself have made a semi-savoury dish that would go perfectly with it. The apple, pear and lemon drop risotto I made back in may.

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