Who is Spicefreak? I am.


Coran “Spicefreak” Sloss

A 27-year-old ex physics student with a crazy passion for spice. For chilli, in particular, but also cinnamon, ginger, black pepper, wasabi and just about any other kind that you can think of. I’m not picky but I am discerning.

I enjoy a good, strong burn as much as the next guy but that’s far from all, or even most, of what I look for in my food. As much as I appreciate the sensation of spice – Be it a sharp, nasal, horseradish kick, a numbing tingle of szechuan peppercorns or the slow, throaty fire of ghost pepper enhanced ginger – it’s the world of flavours that keeps me coming back. I will always be, at heart, a mad scientist who loves his crazy cullinary concotions.

My favourite pepper is the bhut jolokia orange copenhagen, since it combines the wonderful fruitiness of habaneros with further mango-like elements and a ghost pepper burn.

My favourite cullinary style is indian, due to its heavy use of spices, and my favourite curry would be a well-made korma or passanda, where those spices truly shine.

I love every element of tasting, growing, cooking with and talking about chilli but my absolute favourite part of the job has to be meeting all the makers and hearing their stories. So much passion goes into every product that I feature and it’s truly a joy to behold. Even if it’s raining at an outdoor festival, that just means more chance for me to chat.

Yet I can’t talk forever here because, while I may be the namesake of and writer for this blog, I am not the only person involved. I have to let my friends and colleagues introduce themselves, as well.


Alex “Lord Grim” Sunderland

A 22-year-old geology degree graduate with a passion for spicy rocks… or maybe just spice and rocks separately. I’m a fan of most things spice with a dislike for certain outliers (looking at you, wasabi) but in general I really like chillies and ginger.

I think I’m more for taste over spice so when it gets to the point that it’s so spicy you can’t tell what taste the chilli or sauce has that’s a bit too much for me. I also prefer when the burn isn’t particularly stinging or painful but more numbing slow or overall burn. I like a good range of spice from the jalapeños to the ghost peppers.

I’m not sure what my favourite pepper is as of right now I think I need to try more chillies first before I can give a good answer on that. I could say jalapeño but that’s just because I know it so well compared to any other.

My favourite culinary styles are japanese, chinese and indian, in no particular order, but my favourite single meal has always been a good curry. Whether it’s one my mum makes or one from a restaurant, it never disappoints and I love being adventurous and trying many different types of them.

In terms of other spicy foods, I am a big fan of beef jerky and I like to try many types of it be they spicy or not. Spicy meats in general are very nice and spicy cheese is a good thing to have every once in a while.

Outside the field of spice, I work as a geotechnical engineer and I am very into my video games, esports and anime. Examples of these would be that I like to play League of Legends and world of warcraft, I like to watch LEC and anime such as Code Geass and The King’s Avatar.


Shida “Missing Ink” Marquaye


Hugh “Exban” -Surname Redacted-


Shardae “Vitani” Felicia

A 23 year old Literature student with a love for spicy food. I enjoy a strong burn and sauces that dont alter the actual flavour of the food too much. My go to for most meals is Encona Hot Pepper Sauce (the extra hot I find too overpowering for most standard meals).
My favourite pepper to cook with is the scotch bonnet, a staple in Caribbean food. I’m jamaican so naturally that is my favourite cuisine, can’t beat a good plate of ackee & saltfish with some boiled dumplings. Korean food also hits the spot and stands out for me above others but I just love eating in general, so I enjoy most cuisines and can really put away a lot of food.
I like my food to have kick and oomph behind it but not to the point that it’s mouth numbingly painful so that I can’t actually enjoy my meal. However with tasting new chillies/spices I’m ready for it all. The ultimate goal is to induce hiccups because I never ever get hiccups but I find them quite fun. This goal is still unfulfilled … for now.


Max “MaxOnCamera” [Surname]