Anime Style Mapo Tofu

Hey there heat eaters! Today we’re making one of my favourite chinese dishes, Mapo Tofu.

Before we jump right into the recipe, however, I’d like to give you the opportunity to read up on the backstory to this dish and pick which of my three versions you’d prefer from my overview here.

This particular version is my anime inspired one. A powerful version with a little more depth of flavour to compliment its high heat.

The particular anime that inspired this recipe is the one that first introduced me to the dish, Angel Beats, in which only one small girl is actually capable of finishing it and it plays a small but surprisingly important role in the story.

Here’s what it looks like in the show:


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Space Seeds

Hello again spice lovers, it’s thursday and I have something rather wacky and Sci-Fi to show you.


That’s right, my local sauce shop, “The Chilli Shop” in Leeds, has recently started selling seeds for “Space Chillies”.

Some of my more chilli-savvy american audience will already know what this means but let me enlighten the rest of you, since they’re pretty much unheard of here in the UK.

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