Dear readers,

As I’m sure you already know, I blog about fiery food once a week, every week. Once a month I will prepare a spicy new recipe for you but all of my tuesday posts are reviews.

Sauces, snacks, pickles, oils, drinks and rare spices, if it has heat to it, I will review it. These reviews can be found on my front page nearly every tuesday but, should you want to look at past products, the sidebar where you found this little heading is your friend.

Below this little link, you’ll see every product I have ever reviewed, organised into a convenient heat order so you can pick the things that fit your own tolerance and then think about the flavour more than the fire.

Some of what I review is mild, scoring less than a two on my scale, but some of it reaches insane levels in excess of ghost pepper’s five out of ten. If the supermarket top end of habanero and scotch bonnet sauces is what you’re used to, I reccomend that you be very careful with anything over a four.

Hope you enjoy my work.

Your friend Coran, the Spicefreak.