Pepper X Red


Designation: ???

Proper Name: ???

Common Name: Pepper X Red

Pronunciation: ???

Other Names: ???

Type: Capsicum Chinense

Rarity: Mythic

Seed Availablity: Unavailable

Scoville Heat Units: Claims of a 3.3 Million SHU Average have been made but not verified.

Sauce Strength Rating*: Plus Ultra – 18/11

Colour: Pale, yellowy green, ripening to a darker, reddish orange.

Ripe Flavour: A mellow red chinense-type chilli with a unique soft fruit element.

Green Flavour: A strange blend of gentle green and slightly mustardy notes with that same soft fruit quality.

Products: Hot Ones’ πŸ“½οΈ The Last Dab, Blazing Foods’ Original πŸ’€πŸ“½οΈ Death Nut Challenge

Recipes: ???

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*This value represents the heat rating that I would expect to give to a sauce using this pepper as its main ingredient. Other ingredients or particularly high purity may result in a slightly stronger sauce, while lower concentrations will yeild a weaker one and other products may vary.