Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm

Situated in the heart of wales, Pembrokeshire Chilli Farm was born, as many such companies have been, from a disappointment in what supermarkets had to offer. And a desire – Which I, myself, share – to see more unusual spicy food stock the shelves.

But they don’t just make those delicious sauces, jams, nuts and pickles. They also grow the chillies for them and put a lot of pride into their low air miles and use of local ingredients. Pembrokeshire care about their environmental impact, not just their range of flavours. And yet those flavours are still all top notch.

From the insanely hot Scorpion and Burmese Naga Pickle to their sweet, bakewell jam and sensible strength sauces, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed everything that I’ve had from them. And, by this point, I’ve had their nuts many times. Because they’re just that moreish!

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