Jalapeño Red


Proper Name: Jalapeño Red

Pronunciation: Ha-la-pen-yoe Red

Other Names: N/A

Type: Capsicum Annuum

Rarity: Common

Seed Availablity: Trade Only

Scoville Heat Units: 2.5K – 8K SHU

Sauce Strength Rating*: Medium – 2.5/12

Colour: Red

Ripe Flavour: A slightly sweet, juicy and slightly fruity red pepper taste.

Green Flavour: Dark green and chlorophyllic, sometimes described as “grassy”.

Products: Grim Reaper FoodsRookie GoblinRaging Goblin, Mahi Fine FoodsRed Jala, The Chilli Alchemist‘s Dew, Brighton Hot Stuff’s Jalapeño, Chilli of the Valley‘s Hulk Juice & Jarlic, Daddy Cool’s 💀Hybrid, End of the Lime, Black Garlic Sriracha & 📽️Salted Caramel Cowboy Candy, Cowley’s Fine FoodsJalapeño Vegetable & Mushroom Jerkies, Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Green Salsa, Foraged Fire‘s Wild Salsa Verde?, Alkemio Kitchen‘s Jalapeno, Lime, Mustard, Turmeric?, Tubby Tom’s Pablo Diablo, Devon Chilli Man’s Jalapeño Creaper, The Unusual Chutney Company’s Fiendfyre, Hot-Headz’ Hardcore Jalapeño Purée, Flying Goose Brand’s 📽️Sriracha, Green Sriracha & Sriracha Mayo, Sauce Shop’s Green Sriracha & 📽️Sriracha, The Great British Cheese Company’s Lime & Chilli Cheddar? & Chocolate, Chilli & Lime Wensleydale?, Fat Man Chilli Co’s Green Chilli Sauce?, Magma Sauces’ Jalapeño Sour Mango, The Ribman’s Holy F🔥🔥k, Christ on a Bike & Holy Mother of God, The Garlic Farm’s Vampire Botherer, Angry Goat Pepper Co.’s Hippy Dippy Green, Dingo Sauce Co.’s Smoked Sriracha, Ignis’ JGA7?, Somerset Chilli Garden’s Wild Fire?, Haynes Gourmet’s Candied Jalapenos & Strawberry Jam, Hop’t’s Mango Jalapeño Citra-Nelson IPA sauce?, The Bonnie Sauce Co.’s Jalapeño and Lime?, Orriss & Son’s Fresh Tendrils?, Mack Chilli’s Jalapearno? Spice Island Chilli’s Hardy’s Kiss?, The Wicked Chilli’s Thirsty Dog?

Recipes: Jalapeño Poppers, Pineapple & Tomatillo Salsa, Jalapeño & Padron-Spiced Macaroni Cheese, Saag Aloo Potato Pancakes, Udon “bolognese”, Cayenne & Jalapeño Garlic Bread, Sriracha-Candied Cashews, Sriracha & Sweet Potato Dip, Red-Velvet Sriracha Onion Rings

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*This value represents the heat rating that I would expect to give to a sauce using this pepper as its main ingredient. Other ingredients or particularly high purity may result in a slightly stronger sauce, while lower concentrations will yeild a weaker one and other products may vary.