Hangijao Space Chilli

Common Name*: Hangijao Space Chilli

Pronunciation: ???

Other Names: HJ-01 Corona, HJ-02 MeteorHJ-03 Solar FlareHJ-04 Comet’s TailHJ-05 Helix NebulaHJ-06 PulsarHJ-07 SupernovaHJ-08 Total EclipseHJ-09 Big BangHJ-10 Afterglow

Type: Capsicum Annuum

Rarity: Uncommon

Related Peppers: Cayenne Red

You may also enjoy: Poblano, Padron Red, Shishito, Pusa Jwala, Cheyenne Orange

*This name does not refer to a single variety but rather a whole host of strains bred from spacefaring cayenne seeds. Please click on its “other names” to see the individual strains.