Chipōtlé Morita


Common Name: Chipōtlé Morita

Pronunciation: Cheel-Poekt-Lay Moe-Ree-Ta

Proper Name: Jalapeño Red (smoked)

Other Names: Chipōtlé

Type: Capsicum Annuum

Rarity: Common

Seed Availablity: Impossible*

Scoville Heat Units: 2.5K – 8K SHU

Sauce Strength Rating**: Medium – 2.5/12

Colour: Brown

Dry Flavour: Rich, oaky, smoky and savoury but with a tiny bit of sweet, fruity, red pepper to it as well.

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*A chipōtlé morita is an oak smoked red jalapeño, not a variety of its own. It can never be found fresh but, if you’re willing to smoke it yourself, I do have seeds for the jalapeño.

**This value represents the heat rating that I would expect to give to a sauce using this pepper as its main ingredient. Other ingredients or particularly high purity may result in a slightly stronger sauce, while lower concentrations will yeild a weaker one and other products may vary.