As the third company to send freebies my way, ChimouliS is one that I perhaps don’t know as much about as I would like.

I do know, however, that they’re run by Helen and Ryan Wraight and that, despite their intention of being a chilli sauce, marinade and coulis producer, they’re actually better known for their fabulously buttery salted caramels. Of which I’ve only had chance to review the basic and mild chilli versions.

Yet being overshadowed by the sweet spreads doesn’t mean that their sauces are bad at all.

Their unusual take on a mango sauce impressed me with its use of tamarind to balance both sweet and savoury elements, while the distilled malt vinegar in their salty scotch bonnet one added a very fitting, light, golden undertone. Their pear and lemongrass was sweet but not sickly, making great use of a rare chilli strain, while their pineapple sauce focused more on the well known ghost pepper and stayed at least semi-savoury with its caribbean spice blend.

Even my least favourite of theirs, the purple scorpion ketchup, I enjoyed but I would highly recommend against the mini bottle of it. The neck was simply too small for such a thick and chunky product.

Inconvieniently, none of these items can be bought via their website ( but online purchases can still be sorted via email and, as with most small sauce companies, they’re a highly likeable couple.