ChimouliS were the third company to send freebies my way and Helen and Ryan Wraight, its owners, were always a little harder to contact than some of the other producers that I’ve worked with. Now, however, it would seem that they have disappeared, almost entirely, with no trace but their (still under construction) website remaining.

From what I can tell, therefore, ChimouliS are nolonger in operation but I could be wrong and, if you do happen to come across any of their products, they’re well worth giving a go. Especially their 💀salted caramels.

The company’s unusual take on a 💀mango sauce also impressed me, with its use of tamarind to balance both sweet and savoury elements, while the distilled malt vinegar in their 💀salty scotch bonnet one added a very fitting, light, golden undertone. Their 💀pear and lemongrass was sweet but not sickly, making great use of a rare chilli strain, while their 💀pineapple sauce focused more on the well known ghost pepper and stayed at least semi-savoury, with its caribbean spice blend.

Even my least favourite of theirs, the 💀purple scorpion ketchup, I enjoyed, though I would highly recommend against getting that same mini bottle of it. The neck was simply too small for such a thick and chunky product.

I’d be quite happy to see any of them again, myself.