Bhut Jolokia Purple


Proper Name: Bhut Jolokia (ভোট জলকীয়া) Purple

Pronunciation: Bahht Zhoe-Luh-Kee-Yahh Per-Pul

Other Names: Purple Ghost Pepper, Purple Naga

Type: Capsicum Chinense/Frutescens (AKA “Assamicum”)

Rarity: Rare

Seed Availablity: Unavailable

Scoville Heat Units: ???

Sauce Strength Rating*: ???

Colour: Purple, ripening to red

Ripe Flavour: ???

Green Flavour: ???

Products: ???

Recipes: ???

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*This value represents the heat rating that I would expect to give to a sauce using this pepper as its main ingredient. Other ingredients or particularly high purity may result in a slightly stronger sauce, while lower concentrations will yeild a weaker one and other products may vary.