Bhut de Neyde

Proper Name*: Bhut de Neyde

Pronunciation: ???

Other Names: Pink Tiger, Pimenta Leopard, Purple Cream, Rouge Noir, Amatrice, CP345

Type: Capsicum Chinense/Annuum (OR Assamicum/Annuum)

Rarity: Rare

Related Peppers: Bhut Jolokia Red, Pimenta de Neyde

You may also enjoy: Bhut Jolokia Purple, Bhut Jolokia White, Bhut Jolokia Peach, Dorset Naga Red, Naga Viper Purple, Komodo Dragon Red, The Pain, Jay’s Ghost Scorpion Peach, Jay’s Ghost Scorpion Purple

*This name does not refer to a single variety but rather to a specific cross that has been created many times with differing results. Please click on its “other names” to see the individual strains.