Here’s a list of all my recipes, reviews and “inedible” thursday posts, in heat order, so that you don’t have to click through an endless array of “Older Post” buttons to see them all and can more easily tell what suits your tolerance. It was previously located off to the side of every page but, from what I gather, mobile users had a hard time finding it so, instead, here it is as a page of its own.

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Monthly Recipes

Wild Garlic and Chilli Leaf Salad (0/10)

Cinnamon Extract Apple Crumble (0+/10)

Kashmiri Chilli & Raspberry Pavlova (0.5/10)

Baked Sweet Potato & Herby Padron-Fried Beans (0.5+/10)

Vegan Chickpea, Saffron & Peppadew Paella (1/10)

Scotch & Scotch Bonnet Rarebit with Whisky Sauce Co Sauce (1/10)

Chocolate Mousse Cake with Ancho, Pasilla & Cinnamon (1/10)

Gluten Free Banana Habanero “Pancakes” (1/10)

💀 Smoked Chilli Cheesecake with Lilly’s Chillies Jam (1/10)

💀 Chipotle & Orange Chocolate Truffles with Grim Reaper Foods’ Sepulchre (1.5/10)

“Lantern Fruit” Gulab Jamun inspired by Battle Chef Brigade (1.5/10)

Horned Melon and Green Lemondrop Guacamole (1.5/10)

Molé Poblano Style (Vegan) Hot Chocolate (1.5/10)

Peri Peri Paneer Wrap with Mahi’s Marinade (1.5/10)

Tropical Jalapeño Tomatillo Salsa (1.5/10)

Stuffed Jalapeño Poppers (1.5/10)

Extreme Ginger Cake (1.5/10)

My Take on littlePod’s Vanilla & Coconut Curry (1.5+/10)

Microwave Ginger Mug Cake with Grim Reaper Foods’ Alchemy Sauce (1.5+/10)

Egg, Chive & Tomato Sandwich with Daddy Cool’s Fatalii Attraction (2/10)

Ancho & Scotch Bonnet, Jerk-Spiced Christmas Cake (2/10)

Savoury Red Velvet Style Sriracha Onion Rings (2/10)

Chipotle & Chocolate Lava Cake (2/10)

Pul Biber Shakshuka (2/10)

Salt & Pepper Tofu with Seven Different Peppercorns (0-2/10)

Saag Aloo Style Potato Pancakes (2/10)

Chipotle Chicken Korma (2/10)

🔥 Flaming Cherry Bomb & Burnt Sugar Panna Cotta (2/10)

Pequin Infused Cornbread (2/10)

Lemondrop, Pear & Apple Risotto (2/10)

Chipotle Chocolate Cupcakes (2/10)

Ginger Wine, Orange, Cinnamon Leaf & Habanero Haddock (2+/10)

Easy Sriracha & Sweet Potato Dip (2/10)

Passion Fruit & Cereja Roxa Dansak (2.5/10)

Ghost Pepper Infused Mince Pies (2.5/10)

Cayenne, Jalapeño & Herb Garlic Bread (2.5/10)

Goan Pork & Red Wine Vindaloo (2.5/10)

Ancient Chilli Salsa & Veggie Enchiladas (2.5/10)

Dōpiaza Style Onion Relish (2.5/10)

Mango & Lemon Spice Fresh Salsa (2.5+/10)

Regular Mapo Tofu (2.5+/10)

Naga Peanut Butter Cookies with Holly and the Ivy’s Nut Butter (3/10)

Scotch Bonnet Double Chocolate Chip Cookies with Screaming Chimp Chocolate (3/10)

Habanero Carrot Cake (3/10)

Sweet Potato & Scotch Bonnet Stew (3/10)

Mexican-Style Vegan Mango Sorbet with Chipotle and Citrus (3/10)

Chocolate Madras (3/10)

Vegetarian Mapo Tofu (3+/10)

Lemondrop Apple Tart (3.5/10)

Salted Chiltepin Crème Caramel (3.5/10)

Sweet & Sour Habanero Arrabiata (3.5/10)

Ham, Cheese & Basil Panini with Burning Desire’s 7-Pot/Pod Solaris Sauce (3.5/10)

Hot Jerk Mozzarella Sticks (3.5/10)

Lamb Vindaloo with Bravado Spice Co’s Blueberry Ghost Sauce (3.5/10)

Ghost Pepper Gingerbread (3.5/10)

🔥 Cherry Bomb Chilli Vodka (4/10)

Bhut Jolokia Orange Copenhagen & Mango Linguine (4/10)

“Black Lover” No Cook Bunster’s Vegemite Sauce (4.5/10)

7-Pot Infused Brownies (4.5/10)

Anime Style Mapo Tofu (4.5/10)

Dragon’s Breath Chilli & Coconut Chocolate “Bark” (7.5/10)

Mad Dog Gold Burger Topping Sauce (8/10)


Tuesday Reviews

💀 Mad Dog Brew Co’s Ancho Chocolate Cheesecake Beer (0.5/10)

The Great British Cheese Company’s Smoky Peppadew Cheddar (0.5/10)

Hollywood Cocktails’ Dark and Stormy Ginger Jam (0.5/10)

Spanish Padron Chillies (0.5+/10)

Burns & McCoy’s Avocado Fire Roasted Poblano Dressing (1/10)

Tabasco’s Chipotle Cola Sauce (1/10)

Nix and Kix’s Sparkling Peach, Vanilla & Cayenne Drink (1/10)

Nix and Kix’s Sparkling Cucumber, Mint & Cayenne Drink (1/10)

Daddy Cool’s “Broon” Brown Sauce (1/10)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Mild Sweet Chilli Sauce (1/10)

Laterra’s “Del Tropico” Mexican Ataulfo Mango sauce (1/10)

ChimouliS’ Chilli Salted Caramel Spread (1/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Thai-Style “Rookie Goblin” Jalapeño Sauce (1/10)

East Coast Chilli Co’s Extra Mild Mango “Passion” Sauce (1/10)

💀 Daddy Cool’s Kiwi, Coconut & Jalapeño “Hybrid” Sauce (1+/10)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Chipotle Salt (1.5/10)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Peri Peri Garlic Sauce (1.5/10)

Holly and the Ivy’s Ginger & Wasabi Chutney (1.5/10)

💀 Hot Plot Chilli Co’s Cherry Chipotle T.N.T. (1.5/10)

Love Pickle’s Green Label Chilli Tomato Indian Pickle (1.5/10)

Man Food’s Japanese Horseradish Mayonnaise (1.5/10)

Knights’ Ginger Beer (1.5/10)

Burning Desire’s Bourbon Chipotle Syrup (1.5/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Vic’s Ol’ Smokey Sauce (1.5/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Hot and Smokey Vegan Sweet Potato Jerky (1.5/10)

Laterra’s “Michoacan” Savoury Mexican Tomatillo Sauce (1.5/10)

🇺🇸 Zukali’s Chipotle Kafѐ (Coffee) Salsa (1.5/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Vegan Jalapeño Vegetable Jerky (1.5/10)

The Jam Horse’s Chilli Extra Jam (1.5/10)

Sood’s Fine Food’s “Amazon” Brand Chipotle Sauce (1.5/10)

James Chocolates’ Smokey Chipotle Chocolate “Chillies” (1.5/10)

Daddy Cool’s Okra & Garlic Pickle (1.5/10)

Fat Man Chilli Co’s Sweet Child o’ Mayan Rub (1.5+/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods Vegan Jalapeño Mushroom Jerky (1.5+/10)

Hot-Headz’ Hardcore Jalapeño Purée (1.5+/10)

Gingerbeard & Bristol Vodka’s Bloody Mary Salsa (2/10)

💀 Rubies in the Rubble’s Saved Blueberry BBQ Sauce (2/10)

Posh Pickles & Preserves’ Fiery Chilli “Extra” Jam with Peppajew (2/10)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Medium Heat Wings Marinade (2/10)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Red Jalapeño Sauce (2/10)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Aurum – Mango, Amarillo & Spiced Rum Sauce (2/10)

Efrutti’s Ginger Gummy Bear (2/10)

Efrutti’s Cinnamon Gummy Bear (2/10)

The Great British Cheese Company’s Lime & Chilli Cheddar (2/10)

Old Jamaica’s Extra Fiery Ginger Beer (2/10)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Peri Peri Hot Rub & Marinade (2/10)

Sierra Nevada’s Chipotle-Piña Sauce (2/10)

The Chilli Jam Man’s Gorgeous Garlic Jam (2/10)

Gingerbeard & Electric Bear’s Pale Ale & Bird’s Eye Piccalilli (2/10)

The Great British Cheese Company’s Chocolate, Chilli & Lime Wensleydale (2/10)

💀 The Chilli Alchemist’s Melliculus Tropicus Scotch Bonnet Popping Candy (2/10)

Laterra’s “Chihuahua” Mexican Chipotle, Tomato and Peanut Sauce (2/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Pineapple Sauce (2+/10)

ChimouliS’ Sweet Pear & Lemongrass Sauce (2.5/10)

Wiga Wagaa’s Coriander, Lime and Scotch Bonnet Green Chilli Sauce (2.5/10)

The Chilli Pepper Company’s Fruity, Caribbean-Style Dragons Breath (2.5/10)

Fat Man Chilli Co’s Mint & Green Chilli Sauce (2.5/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Vegan Ginger & Garlic Tofu Jerky (2.5/10)

ChimouliS’ Mango Sauce (2.5/10)

Simpson’s Seeds’ Funky Monkey Rocoto Sauce (2.5/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Mango & Papaya Sauce (2.5/10)

Posh Pickles & Preserves’ “Sẚ Và Tu’o’ng ó’t” Lemongrass Relish (2.5/10)

Mr Vikki’s Sweet Banana Habanero Pickle (2.5/10)

Bitter B🔥stards’ Chipotle Cocktail Bitters (2.5/10)

South Devon Chilli Farm’s Elderflower Chilli Jelly/Jam (2.5/10)

Purely Pickled Eggs’ Bird’s Eye Eggs (2.5/10)

The Jam Horse’s “Horse Kickin’ Hot” Scotch Bonnet Extra Jam (2.5/10)

The Cornish Chilli Company’s “Red Snapper” Vodka & Grapefruit Sauce (2.5/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Zhoug (2.5/10)

The Crafty Bustard’s Pineapple, Scotch Bonnet & Sesame Oil Sauce (2.5/10)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Tikka Hot Rub & Marinade (2.5/10)

Flying Goose Brand’s Green Jalapeño Sriracha Sauce (2.5/10)

Fifty Shades Hotter (2.5/10)

Efrutti’s Chilli Gummy Bear (3/10)

Diemen’s Original Hot Sauce with Tasmanian Mountain Pepper (3/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Tangy Scotch Bonnet “Sweeny Todd” Sauce (3/10)

Byron Bay’s Coconut Curry Cayenne Sauce (3/10)

Marie Sharp’s Green Habanero Sauce with Cactus (3/10)

The Chillees’ Twisting My Lemon Man 7-Pot Marmalade (3/10)

Purely Pickled Eggs’ Scotch Bonnet Eggs (3/10)

Magma Sauces’ Sour Mango & Green Jalapeño (3/10)

Crazy B🔥stard Sauce’s Scotch Bonnet & Caribbean Spices (3/10)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Jalapeño, Matcha & Ginger “Philosopher’s Dew” (3/10)

Opal Sunshine’s Mayan Mango Sauce with Habanero & Scotch Bonnet (3/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Hellraiser Milk Chocolate (3/10)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Peri Peri Herb Sauce (3/10)

Saucey Lady’s Fireman’s Watch Rhubarb Sauce (3/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Hot Fruity Mango Sauce (3/10)

Flying Goose Brand’s Vegan Sriracha Mayo (3/10)

Tubby Tom’s Jalapeño, Coriander & Lime “Pablo Diablo” (3/10)

The Mini Jar Company’s Lemon Sea Salt with Aji Limon Chilli (3/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Green Salsa (3/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Sweet Chilli Style “Alchemy” Lemondrop and Cognac Sauce (3/10)

East Coast Chilli Co’s “Chance” Creamy Habanero & Garlic Sauce (3/10)

Saucey Lady’s Sweet & Sour Birds and Bonnets Sauce (3/10)

The Chillees’ Orange Habanero & Carrot Orangatongue Tingler Sauce (3/10)

Manjira’s Hot Garlic & Coriander Pachardi (3/10)

The Cornish Chilli Company’s Chipotle Sauce (3/10)

Upton Cheyeney Chilli Co’s Mango, Lime, Red Habanero Sauce (3/10)

The Chillees’ “Indian Fire” Curried Mango Sauce (3/10)

Sauce Shop’s All Natural Green Jalapeño Sriracha Sauce (3/10)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Chutney-Inspired Mango Chilli Sauce (3/10)

Daddy Cool’s Fatalii Attraction (3/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Coffee Chilli Milk Chocolate (3/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Thai Vengeance Oil (3/10)

💀 The Chilli Alchemist’s Melliculus Aji Popping Candy (3/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Dragon’s Blood Hot BBQ Sauce (3/10)

Love Pickle’s Blue Label Chilli Tomato Indian Pickle (3.5/10)

Holly and the Ivy’s Naga Peanut Butter (3.5/10)

Holly and the Ivy’s Pineapple, Chilli and Mint Salsa (3.5/10)

Hop Burns & Black’s Limited Edition “Hoptimo” Herby Hop Sauce (3.5/10)

The Chilli Jam Man’s Scotch Bonnet Jam (3.5/10)

Ibiza Sauce Co’s “Magnificent 7” Loquat Hot Sauce (3.5/10)

🇩🇪 Scovilla’s “Bio Habanero” Tabasco-Style Sauce (3.5/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Mango and Bonnet White Chocolate (3.5/10)

The General’s Marine Green Hot Sauce from Smoke Hall Foods (3.5/10)

Khoo’s Lemondrop & Fatalii Golden Syrup (3.5/10)

Devon Chilli Man’s Sweet Chilli Style Jalapeño Creaper Sauce (3.5/10)

Dorset Chilli Shop’s Dorset Meadows Kiwi & Thai Bird’s Eye Sauce (3.5/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Wraith Barbecue Sauce (3.5/10)

Simpson’s Seeds’ Sweet Arrowhead Salsa (3.5/10)

The Garlic Farm’s Jalapeño Vampire Botherer (3.5/10)

Chilli of the Valley’s Creamy Piña Colada “Calypso” Sauce (3.5/10)

Crazy B🔥stard Sauce’s Habanero & Tomatillo (3.5/10)

Hot Digiddy Dog Sauce (3.5/10)

Thousand Hills’ Flamin’ Hot BBQ Sauce (3.5/10)

Thousand Hills’ Serenade Garlic Chilli Sauce, AKA their “Sriracha” (3.5/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Gummi Swears – Roulette Gummy Bears & Jelly Babies (3.5/10)

Hot Headz’ Satan’s Spawn Gummy Bears (3.5/10)

Burning Desire Foods’ Burning Indulgence Mango & Habanero Sauce (3.5/10)

Opal Sunshine’s Original Habanero & Scotch Bonnet Sauce (3.5/10)

Opal Sunshine’s Lime – Anero Sauce with Scotch Bonnet (3.5/10)

El Yucateco’s Smoky Mexican Black Label Reserve (3.5/10)

Daddy Cool’s Spicy Green Beans with Chilli Pickle (3.5/10)

The Ribman’s Holy F🔥🔥k Scotch Bonnet & Naga Sauce (3.5/10)

Hell’s Kitchen’s “Rockin’ Rasta” Scotch Bonnet Curry Sauce (3.5/10)

Doctor Burnorium’s Ginger Beer & Naga Psycho Chocolate (3.5?/10)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Smoke Potion: Magnum Opus (4/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Original Wing Sauce (4/10)

The Chilli Jam Man’s Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) Jam (4/10)

Bitter B🔥stards’ Naga Chilli Cocktail Bitters (4/10)

The Chilli Pepper Company’s “Witches’ Brew” Tabasco-Style Cinnamon & Scotch Bonnet Sauce (4/10)

Mahi Fine Foods’ Green Savina Sauce (4/10)

ChimouliS’ Salty Scotch Bonnet Sauce (4/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Exotic Trinidad Scorpion Beef Jerky (4/10)

Holly and the Ivy’s Christmas Special Sprout, Red Onion & Naga Chutney (4/10)

South Devon Chilli Farm’s Hotter Padrons (4/10)

South Devon Chilli Farm’s (Green) Extreme Chilli Jam (4/10)

Bravado Spice Co.’s Ghost Pepper & Blueberry Sauce (4/10)

Daddy Cool’s “Ketch the Reaper” Killer Tomato Ketchup (4/10)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Dark Habanero Sauce (4/10)

🔥 The Ribman’s Christ on a Bike Scotch Bonnet & Naga Sauce (4/10)

💀 The Chilli Alchemist’s Original (Ghost Pepper) Melliculus Popping Candy (4.5/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Stinger Sauce (4.5/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Smoky Chimpotle (4.5/10)

Bad Boy Chilli Co’s Aged Habanero “Shake” (4.5/10)

Purely Pickled Eggs’ Ghost Pepper Eggs (4.5/10)

Prices Spices’ “India Joywala” Pineapple & Dorset Naga Chutney (4.5/10)

Encona’s Carolina Reaper Sauce (4.5/10)

Edible Ornamentals’ Nagalicious Earl Grey Tea and Lemon Marmalade (4.5/10)

Hot-Headz’ Who Dares Burns Naga Mustard Sauce (4.5/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Smoky Scorpion and Chipotle “The Raven” (4.5/10)

The Screaming Chimp’s Mon-Key Lime Sauce (4.5/10)

The Unusual Chutney Company’s Jalapeño & Reaper Fiendfyre (4.5+/10)

Daddy Cool’s Ghost Pepper Extreme Sauce (5/10)

ChimouliS’ Pineapple Ghost Pepper Sauce (5/10)

🔥 The Ribman’s Holy Mother of God Scotch Bonnet & Naga Sauce (5/10)

Badgers Artisan Foods’ Original Reaper, Scorpion & Naga Sauce (5.5/10)

The FBI’s Strawberry Scorpion “Ball Breaker” – Made by The Chilli Pepper Company (5.5/10)

Chillis Galore’s “The Reaper” Butch T Reaper Scorpion Sweet Chilli Sauce (5.5/10)

Saucey Lady’s Midnight Mischief Berry-Based Scorpion Sauce (5.5/10)

Crazy B🔥stard Sauce’s Carolina Reaper & Blueberry (6/10)

Nutty Professor Xtreme Peanut Butter from Edible Ornamentals (6/10)

Devon Chilli Man’s Bittersweet Smack m,Peach Up Dessert Sauce (6/10)

ChimouliS’ Purple Scorpion Ketchup(?) (6/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Raging Goblin Jalapeno Extract (6/10)

Shahnaz Food Products’ Mr Naga Indian Pickle (6/10)

Bunsters Red Label “Mega 12/10 Heat” Sh🔥t the Bed (6/10)

🇺🇸 Ashley Foods’ Mad Dog Reaper Sriracha (6/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ Trinidad Scorpion Shītake Thats Hot! Vegan Jerky (6.5/10)

Thousand Hills’ Screaming Pumpkin Jam (6.5/10)

East Coast Chilli Co’s Garlic Teriyaki Reaper Sauce “Midnight 21” (6.5/10)

Doctor Burnorium’s “Psycho Juice” Roasted Garlic Ghost Pepper Sauce (6.5/10)

Saucey Lady’s Mixed Berry Nagamor (6.5/10)

Matt Tangent’s Bang! Bang! Chilli Oil (6.5/10)

Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s Trinidad Scorpion Sweet Chilli Sauce (7/10)

💀 Nature’s Hottest Popping Candy – The Chilli Alchemist’s Melliculus Reaper (7.5/10)

Upton Cheyney Chilli Farm’s Fruity “Megalodon” Sauce (7.5/10)

Burning Desire Foods’ Honey, Mustard & 7-Pot/Pod Jonah “Solaris” Sauce (7.5/10)

Farraday’s “Tame” Carolina Reaper “Flying Monkey” Sauce (7.5/10)

The Chilli Pepper Company’s Caribbean Style Dragon’s Breath Sauce (8/10)

💀 oQuintal’s Devil’s Choice Scorpion Sauce (8/10)

CaJohn’s 7-Pot Primo Sauce – Hydra (8/10)

Cowley’s Fine Foods’ HOT Shrooms! Vegan Mushroom Jerky (8.5/10)

Dave’s Gourmet’s Original Insanity Sauce (9.5/10)

Daddy Cool’s Jeepers Reapers Revenge Carolina Reaper Sauce (9.5/10)

South Devon Chilli Farm’s Carolina Reaper Sauce (10/10)

The Chilli Factory’s Scorpion Strike “Stupidly Hot BBQ” Sauce (10/10)

Burning Desire Foods’ Critical Mass “Ultimate Hot Sauce” with Reaper and Jigsaw (10/10)

Devon Chilli Man’s Death at the Crimson Altar Sauce with Four Record Peppers (10/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Original Dragon’s Blood Sauce (14/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s XXX Mega Hot Dragon’s Blood Sauce (23/10)

Burning Desire Foods’ “Five Finger Death Punch” Naga, Moruga & Extract Sauce (32/10)

🔥 Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s “God Slayer” Extract Sauce with Bourbon (36/10)

🔥 Wiltshire Chilli Farm’s “Regret” Extract Sauce with Bourbon (52/10)

🔥 World’s Hottest Sauce – Hot Headz’ & The Chilli Pepper Company’s Hell Unleashed (250+/10)


Random Restaurant Reviews

Little Tokyo Leeds Japanese Restaurant (0-3.5/10)

💀 Miah’s Kitchen Leeds Indian Restaurant (0-4/10)

Edible Ornamentals’ Chilli Farm Café (0.5-4+/10)

Sticky Sisters Wing & Sauce Specialists (0-5.5/10)


Thursday Inedibles

Victoriana Nursery Gardens’ Challock Chilli Festival (?/10)

Edible Ornamentals’ Chilli Farm Tour (?/10)

Gingerbeard’s Preserves Introduction (?/10)

Opal Sunshine Introduction (?/10)

Saucey Lady Introduction and Bottles (?/10)

Mahi Fine Foods Introduction (?/10)

Screaming Chimp Introduction (?/10)

Screaming Chimp Afterview (1.5-4.5/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete Introduction (?/10)

Cowley’s Introduction and Non-Chilli Items (?/10)

Daddy Cool’s Introduction (?/10)

Chilli Alchemist Introduction (?/10)

ChimouliS Introduction and Mini Bottles (?/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ Introduction and Gift Boxes (?/10)

Flaming Licks’ Fiery Foods Subscription Boxes (?/10)

Does Size Matter (?/10)

What is “Superhot” (?/10)

How Does Milk Help (?/10)

Mood Rings and Chilli (?/10)

Chinese “Hangjiao” Space Chillies (?/10)

🇩🇪 Original Source Lemon & Chilli Shower Gel (1.5/10)

Mapo Tofu Recipes Overview (2.5+/10)

Obeah Chilli Pepper (4.5/10)

The Controversial Dragon’s Breath Chilli Pepper (13?/10)

My First Hot Ones Style Sauce Lineup (1.5-14/10)

My 2018 Hot Ones Style Sauce Lineup (1.5-36/10)

The Hero and His Elf Bride Open a Pizza Parlor in Another World Book (Age 11+)

Ed Marriott’s “Scoville” Boardgame (Age 11+)

Winter 2017/18’s Food Anime Shows (Age 8-11+)

Hot Ones Wing Challenge & Interview Show (T)

Release the Spyce Cute Spy Drama Anime (T)

Grrl Power Superhero Web Comic (T)

iZombie Supernatural Detective Show (T)

Food Wars Extreme Cooking Anime (T)

Yearly Recap (2016)

Yearly Recap (2017)

The New Challengers (2017)

Yearly Recap (2018)


📽️ Youtube Silliness 📽️

Edible Ornamentals’ Chilli Farm Tour (?/10)

Rare Yellow Pitaya “Dragonfruit” (0/10)

Nestlé’s Ruby Chocolate Kitkat (0/10)

Cherimoya “Custard Apple” & Fiesty Cherry Diet Coke (0-0.5/10)

Supermild Trinidad Perfume Chilli (0.5/10)

Durian & Oasis’ Spicy Raspberry Aquashock (0.5/10)

🔥 Chilli of the Valley’s “Clothes-Rippingly Good” Jalapeño Hulk Juice (1/10)

Overwatch with Beastly Beverages’ Themed Cayenne & Lapsang Tea (1.5/10)

Fire Foods’ Cheese on Ghost Spread (2/10)

The Whisky Sauce Co.’s Scotch Bonnet Sauce (2/10)

Dorset Chilli Shop’s Dorset Sun (2.5/10)

Pimento Gingembre Chilli Ginger Ale (2.5/10)

Gran Luchito’s Chipotle Mayonnaise (2.5/10)

Price’s Spices’ Bombay Potatos (2.5/10)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Alchemy Sauces and Black Cow Pure Milk Vodka (1-3/10)

The Flying Goose Brand Sriracha Traffic Light Challenge (2-3/10)

Chinese Cassia Cinnamon (3/10)

Sri Lankan Ceylon Cinnamon (3/10)

Mr Vikki’s Nana Naga Banana Cutney (3.5/10)

Grim Reaper Foods’ “Purgatory” Ghost Pepper & Burgamot White Chocolate (3.5?/10)

🔥 Peter’s Pepper – A Different World Record (3.5/10)

🇺🇸 Byron Bay’s Heavenly Habanero VS Extreme Mint Gum (3.5-?/10)

Byron Bay’s Heavenly Habanero VS Assorted Flavour Extracts (3.5-?/10)

Fresh Aji White Fantasy & Peach Habanero Peppers (2-4/10)

Numex Lemon Spice Jalapeño & Pure Menthol (3-/10)

🇺🇸 Yellow Jalapeno & The Offspring’s Gringo Bandito Super Hot Sauce (3-4/10)

Chilli Olly’s Off-Menu Murderous Dorset Naga Ratatouille (4+/10)

Encona’s Limited Edition Carolina Reaper Sauce (4.5/10)

Seabrook’s Fire Eaters Crisps (2-4.5/10)

🇺🇸 Warrantman Pepper Co’s Sauces (2-4.5/10)

Eating Grim Reaper Foods’ “The Raven” Sauce with James “The Raven” McKenzie (4.5/10)

Sauce Shop’s White Label Limited Editions (0-4.5)

Three of the Screaming Chimp’ Sauces (1.5-4.5/10)

💀 Morrisons’ Carolina Reaper “Mild” Cheddar (4.5/10)

Screaming Chimp’s Hottest “Screamer” Sauce (5/10)

The Original Juan’s Pain 100% (5/10)

Black Jalapeño? & Grim Reaper Foods’ Raging Goblin Extract (3-6/10)

Edible Ornamentals’ Fresh Chillies, Inc. the new “Vanilla Sugar Rush” (0.5-?/10)

Cornish Chillies Ltd.’s Fresh Chillies, Inc. Purple Jalapeño (1.5-?/10)

Cornish Chillies Ltd.’s Fresh Chillies Pt.2, Inc. White Bhut Jolokia (1.5-?/10)

Fire Foods’ “Discreetly Packaged” XXX 7-Pot Sauce (6/10)

Tubby Tom’s Cayenne and Carolina Reaper “Death Dust” Dry Rub (6/10)

Pizza topped with Shahnaz Food Products’ Mr Naga Pickle (6/10)

💀 Thousand Hill’s Screaming Pumpkin Jam (6.5/10)

Bang Bang Chilli Cornflakes Experiment (6.5/10)

🇺🇸 Warrantman Pepper Co’s Vinegar & Salt (4-6.5/10)

Fire Foods’ Limited Edition 7-Pot Infinity Sauce (7/10)

DIY Bunster’s Sauces & Spot the Imposter Game (?/10)

Culley’s “World’s Hottest” Carolina Reaper Ramen Noodles (7.5+/10)

Bunster’s “One Block Challenge” Sh🔥t the Bed Chocolate (8/10)

Rola Wala’s Twisted Indian Scorpion Chilli Wrap (8/10)

Roulette, Habanero & Custom Reaper Doritos (0.5-8/10)

🔥 The Death Nut Challenge with Pepper X (2-8/10)

Baking with Death Nuts (?/10)

🔥 Bunster’s Sauces & Sauce Making Kit (2-8.5/10)

Hot Face Sauces’ Scotch Bonnet & Reaper Extreme Sauce (8.5/10)

The Chilli Alchemist’s Red Habanero & Extract “Everlasting Flame” Hot Sauce (9/10)

Dave’s Gourmet’s Insanity & Nintendo Switch Cartridge Taste Comparison (0-9.5/10)

Hot-Headz’ Trinidad Moruga Scorpion Sauce (10/10)

Burns & McCoy’s 7-Pot Primo Exhorresco (10/10)

Hot-Headz’ Carolina Reaper “Killer Hot” Sauce (10/10)

Retro Shots’ Jeepers Reapers Chilli Vodka (10/10)

Hot-Headz’ Death Drops Chilli Extract Sweets (12/10)

Hot-Headz’ Man the F🔥🔥k Up! Reaper & Scorpion Purée (13/10)

CaJohn’s Clear Magma Sauce (15?/10)

Fire Box’s Instant Regret Chocolate (17/10)

Mojo’s Bar & Chilli Shop Leeds’ Hot Ones Challenge Part One (?/10)

Mojo’s Bar & Chilli Shop Leeds’ Hot Ones Challenge Part Two (?/10)

🇺🇸 Hot Ones, Heatonist & Smokin’ Ed’s The Last Dab Pepper X Sauce (18/10)

Feeding Grim Reaper Foods’ “Oblivion” Chilli Extract to a Plant (35/10)

Chilli Pepper Pete’s Satan’s Sh🔥t 1.3 Million Scoville Chilli Paste (35/10)

💀 Grim Reaper Foods’ “Annihilator” Chilli & Wasabi Extract (40/10)

🇺🇸 Ashley Foods’ 25th Anniversary Mad Dog Gold with 9M Scoville “Plutonium” (45/10)

🔥 Sonic Forces Hot Pepper Video Game Review (?/10)

🔥 Just a Straight Up Fresh Carolina Reaper (?/10)

October’s Flaming Licks Chilli Subscription Box (2017)